Tale of cynthia. Episode 14.

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Episode 14
Cynthia was the one waiting for me, with a furious look, I opened the door, kola change his cloth and left, she followed me and she sat on the bed looking at me
Me: what happen now
Cynthia: bring your phone (she stretched her hand to collect it) I know you didn’t travel to anywhere, you went to that girl’s place ni,
I burst into laughter, she checked my phone, and saw the pictures I snap with Lara at Abeokuta,
Cynthia: wow, this girl fine o, but I fine pass her
I was on singlet and my short,
Me: see you, the girl fine pass you,
Cynthia: it’s a lie,
She stood up from the bed, jump to me, we started playing, I carried her and throw her to the bed, I started squishing her breast, I removed it from her bra, I was sucking it, I dipped my hand into her pant, the place was already wet,I removed all her cloth, she was naked, I was fingering her, she was moaning, I was enjoying it, I removed my dick, without condom, I bleeped her, she left in the evening.
Ronke and I was still enjoying ourselves, she did Jamb, she scored 215, I was happy for her, in the following Saturday, Benita called me to ask of the venue, I told kola, he told me to take her to hotel now, what a brilliant idea, I went ahead of her to the hotel, I called her to gave her the description, the hotel room was well furnished, the bed was very nice, I heard the knock, I opened the door for her, the girl was very beautiful, she was on gown, short gown, her thigh was tempting.
She sat on the bed beside me, smiling
Me: how are you(I was looking at her, from head to toe)
Benita: fine sir
Me: where do you work before
Benita: I am a nursery school teacher o
Me: well, I like you, and I want to help you, only if you help yourself
Benita: I understand sir, I even heard you and the C.E.O’s wife are friends
Me: yes, my elder sister and a friend
Benita: that’s why I believe you sir
Me: ok
I moved closer to her, I was touching her hair, she didn’t talk, I remember Cynthia’s warning, but I ignored it,
Me: you have a nice hair and shape
Benita: thank you sir,
Me: stop the sir, call me Daniel
Benita: ok sssss( she covered her mouth) Daniel
Me: since that day, I couldn’t help myself,
Benita: hmmm, your girlfriend nko
Me: people don’t believe me when I said I don’t have a gf o
Benita: (she readjusted herself) ok o
I move my hand from hair to her waist, I moved closer to her, pecking her neck, she was enjoying it, I moved my hand to her chest, chai, the tin big o, I unzip her dress from the back, I unhook her bra, chai, this breast big pass both Lara and Cynthia’s own o, I laid her on the bed, I off her sandal, I started sucking the breast, while sucking it, I moved my hand to her p**sy side, “chai’’ the girl no wear tight sha, just pant, I moved it aside, I started moving my finger on it up and down, during this period, I don off my cloth, I was on boxer alone, suddenly the girl pushed me, she grab my dick started licking it, she put it in her mouth, I was enjoying it, this girl bad o, I cum twice, then inserted licking her own too, she was jacking, holding my, shouting “I love it” she cum also, I quickly jumped into action, I inserted my dick, chai, guys don spoil the place, we went for just 3 rounds, she dressed up, I escorted her and I came back to the hotel to rest, after resting I left for my house.
Some weeks later I took Omolara to my parent, my parent like her, especially my sisters, she went back to her work. One day I was at work when Benita called me that she received a text from our place to come for interview in the following Saturday, I told her were to read, and what she needs to do, she thank me, and she promised to come and greet me, I described my house to her.
I was at home on Saturday when Benita called that she’s at the front of my house, the girl was on blue jeans and nice top reveling little of her boobs, when she was coming, Jide my neighbor nod head for me, I laughed, she came in and sat on the bed, I went out to get drink, we were gisting,after drinking it, we began the normal course bleeping her, she was moaning, when I heard a knock her moanining was loud, when I heard a knock.
Me: who is there
Voice: omolara ni o
Moku oooo……………………………………….

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