Tale of cynthia, episode 15.

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Episode 15
Me: omolara
Lara: yes, open this door,
I was scared, Benita was on bed, cover herself with bed sheet, looking at me
Lara: Dan I’m waiting open this door, if I leave this place, I will never come again
Me: ok I will (sweating, I looked at Benita) dress up pls
Benita: thought you said you don’t have anyone, so you are playing me
She stood up dressing,
Omolara: Dan I just want to know what you are doing in there, I won’t get angry,
Benita had only wear her jeans trouser, her breast was still naked, she walked to the door and pushed me away and open the door, Omolara came in, I was crying
Omolara: so this is what you do behind my back, (looking at me in a furious way) oga o, Sister Cynthia said it and I meet it that way
Me: Cynthia?
This was what I said when a hot slap landed on my face, it was as if I just woke up from bed, my eyes was blinking
Omolara: you disappoint me (now facing Benita that was dressing up) and as for you, I will advise you to leave right now before I bounce on you
Benita: bounce on who? Are you mad or what (she faced omolara)
I stand at the middle, this was where Cynthia also enter, Benita didn’t change her mood, she pushed me away from the middle, she went straight to the girl
Cynthia: are you mad? Oya pack your things and leave
Benita: (she faced me) Daniel I’m coming on Saturday for the interview, and I must be picked, or else you will see what I will do for you
Cynthia: don’t bother to come cus you will not get the job,
My house has been filled with my neighbor, the girl left, Cynthia closed the door, Omolara was crying, Cynthia was petting her
Omolara:(still crying) Daniel why did you do this to me?
Me: I’m sorry please (but I was looking at Cynthia with a bad look, cus I was angry for telling her, she was laughing)
Cynthia: (holding her by shoulder) sorry sister, I like you that’s why I tell you so that you can fight for your right. And you just did that.
Omolara left angrily, she refused to talk to me, I called her she didn’t pick my call again, I also refused to pick Cynthia’s call, she sent ,many text on whatsapp, I will read it but didn’t reply, even at work, she would bring file to me, I will just collect it and walkout, but she will just laugh.
I heard Benita came for the interview, I ve sent lot of sms to lara, she didn’t reply, she didn’t pick my call, and I can’t call her mum cus I don’t know how to explain, kola also called omolara, but the guy refused to tell me what they discussed. I was sad, cus I don’t want to lose her, Cynthia apologized and I accept her apology cus I want her to help me beg Omolara, she promised to settle it.
Omolara’s status do amassed me on whatsapp, even her pictures on facebook proves she no longer bother about me again, Ronke and cynthia’s bleeping was once in a while cus I was scared she might come again. The new staff resumed work, Benita was not among, I was happy but also scared cus of what the girl said, but Cynthia said its just a threat, I believed her.
Later in the evening I was busy chatting with my friends, and I was begging omolara but she didn’t reply me, but she was reading it, then Cynthia message me
Cynthia: Daniel, I’m pregnant o
Me: congrat o
Cynthia: c.u, congratulations to you, cus you are the father
Cynthia pami oooo
To be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Watch out for season 2…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Thanks for reading, thank you all both Onihaxy.com reader and my facebook page: facebook/Greenland media reader, i appreciate “Team Onihaxy” also, and thanks to my funny editor and friend “Babalola Biola James” and those that supported me in writing this… watch out for the season 2 by the same writer Daniel olalude (Ddex). You can pre order on onihaxy.com and you can also add the writer on facebook to order for just 200 only, this story is registered under Grit solicitors, so legal action will be taken if this story is found on any blog or anywhere without the owner’s permission….. Love you all

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