Tale of cynthia Episode 2.

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To see another guy smooching my gf, not sex o, but smooching, I couldn’t believe my eyes,
I’m I dreaming?
But this girl said she’s a virgin now
I left the place angrily, I didn’t say a word, well that’s life, and I love this girl o, I couldn’t go home straight, I branched at my friend’s place of work
Kola; guy haha, what happen you look somehow dull?
Me: yes jare, your boss no dey
Kola: yes na, he has traveled,
Me: ok, baba secretary
Kola: na me be that jare, me won work small before admission click, you know we only have some month left,
Me: that’s true o, ok sha,
Kola: what’s wrong with you now?
Me: guy I’m sad seriously,
Kola: (‘’he looked serious’)’ what happen, your p man is gone?
Me: you mad ni, haha
We burst into laughter before we serious again
Seriously, I caught Cynthia with another guy just now
Kola: chai, (‘’he burst into uncontrollable laughter’’) oga o, so another guy they sample your girl, oga o, no wonder you one kill yourself,
Me: I love her
Kola: forget jare, you will see another girl in school jare, I only pity you cus you no bleep her, but you bleep your ex now,
Me: this girl said she’s a virgin now
Kola: lols’ see mumu, vir what? That one with big back side, guy wake up, you know I’ve already warned you about this girl, but you don’t want to listen, forget about her
My expectation was Cynthia to apologize but she refused to, till I gained admission to university with my friend, we were not talking, I hate her baje, but deep inside me, I still love her, school was not as easy as I taught, I was in same department with my friend kola then, we lived in same apartment, cus you rent your own apartment in second semester, I’ve already forgotten about Cynthia I was single then, though anytime I came home I do see her, but we were like cat and dog.
We woke up late on this fateful day, we got to class late, I couldn’t hear all what the lecturer said, and there was a girl that do sit at the front then, she was an S.U girl, this girl was the prettiest girl in our class then but we dnt use to talk’ but I plan to try my luck
Me: sup
Lara: I’m fine
Me: can you borrow me your note please,
Lara: for what?
Me: Pls, I came late to class that’s why
Lara: no, I can’t o
Me: haha, is that a crime or is that a problem?
Lara: I can’t
Me: oga o, and you call yourself a Christian o
I left angrily, I was on my way home with kola, when I heard my name
Lara: Dan
Kola: (whisper into my hear) oyaaaaaa
Me: yes
Lara: I’m sorry for the way I talked the other time
Me: it’s nothing,
We were walking together during this conversation
Lara: bring your note, let me help you to write it,
In short I gave her the note, she wrote it for me, we began to know each other, she was the choir cord in her fellowship, I asked her out, she said she can’t date someone like me, I’m an unbeliever, but we were close, she do visits me, but I love her, but she’s too religious, she’s more beautiful than Cynthia.
Kola: hw va alaye,
Me: wetin,
Kola: Akingbile don write our names o, you don fail b dat o
Me: was scared” haa, say God
Kola: (laughing) olee, you don they fear, I don help you write am, Lara don they come o
Me: serious
Kola: she don ask of you from me, and I tell her say you sick, so she said she go come check you
Me: then how you con know say she dey come
Kola: idiot, I don dey Bayo side joor, she just pass now
Me: chai, oyaa bye, make I pretend back
Kola: don’t tell me story o, do am ni o
I told kola about what to do, he told me to pretend that I was sick, in other to have talk to her again, and if I can bleep her, I was scared, don’t know if the thing will work out, I was thinking about this when I heard a knock
Me: with a low voice” who’s that,
Lara: Lara ni o
I stood up to open the door I was wearing only boxer and singlet
Lara: why didn’t you come to class?
Me; at least sit down na
Lara: I won’t stay long
Me: then why did you come, (I frowned my face)
Lara: she sat on the chair’’ mabinu then
Me: I was just feeling headache before, but the thing is gone the moment I set my eyes on you
Lara: hmmm
Me: yes, seriously
Lara: what
I moved closer to her on her sit, I sat on the other sit besides her, she stand up, walking to the door, I followed her, I grab her from back,
Me: Lara I love you, just a chance omolara
Lara: I also love you, but I’m an exco, if you can wait till I end my tenure and pray about it.
We were in this mood when I started moving my mouth around her neck, chai, this girl respond sha, I turned her around, we started kissing, I grabbed her breast, those thing still hard, I pushed her to the bed, she wore skirt, I don pull of her pant, I inserted my joy stick. After the bleeping, she started crying, I was consoling her, but deep inside me, I was happy, I even thought she would be a virgin, but she’s still tight though.
I told kola my best friend and the other friends about it, they all hail me, Lara stopped talking to me since that day, I tried everything to beg her, but she refused me, she said I played her, after the semester, we went home for 3 month. I saw Cynthia the day I arrived home; we saw each other but pretend not to.
Kola called me that he would be visiting me that day, as usual, I was at home, playing music, when I heard a knock,
Me: alaye enter jare,
To my surprised it was Cynthia, she wore a short red gown, her beauty catches my eyes again, and she sat on the chair looking at me
Me: what can I do for you……………………………………………….

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