Tale of cynthia. Episode 4

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Tale of cynthia.
A story from Ddex

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Episode 4
I was flabbergasted with what I saw, it was Cynthia collecting the C.V, chai I don die today, I was shivering, I don’t know what to do, maybe to run away or to summon courage, I just stood in front of her desk, looking at her, and her office was built with aluminum and glass, well furnished and decorated, Cynthia was on blue top and black short skirt, she was beautiful, I was happy that I deflowered a such big and beautiful girl, but I was shivering.
Me: morning ma, (I bowed my head)
Cynthia: what can I do for you (with a smiling face)
Me: (chai, she pretended as if she don’t know me) I want to submit my C.V
Cynthia: drop it there (she pointed at the table besides her)
I dropped the letter, I was shivering, I was about leaving when I thought of pleading before leaving,
Me: Cynthia please, I am sorry for what I did to you,
Cynthia: you did nothing Dan, just get out of this place before I shout on you.
Chai, I left the place to my work, i told kola about it, he was also surprised to hear that.
Kola: oga o, so this girl na big girl o,
Me: abi na, let’s just forget about the job
Kola: before nko, for her to chase you out
Me: or can we go back to beg her after work, if we still meet her.
Kola: you and who (he ask me in a surprised way), beg who, if the job is ours, it will surely be ours.
Me: guy, you know if GOD, will help us, he won’t come down to help, he will send someone to help ni o
Kola: ok sha
We left for Cynthia’s office after we were done with our work routine, we bargained with the secretary cos we left around 3:30 which was far earlier than the expected time we are meant to close for the day, we arrived there on time, and luckily for us, they were still at work, we had no choice than to hide ourslf for one corner, but the company wasn’t that far to where we hid ourslf. We bought pure water, drinking this pure water, we sat with one girl selling tokunbo bag at the corner we were hiding which wasn’t far from the company, we were discussing with the girl just to make the place lively. The girl sat in our opposite.
Me: you don’t want to tell us your name abi,
Kemi: why do you want to know?
Kola: talk now, we really love you ni
Kemi: two of you? anyway I’m kemi by name
Kola: wao, my mum bears that name as well,
Kemi: hmmmm
Me: yes, that’s true
Kola: where is your phone sef?
Kemi: my phone? (kola nods his head, I was also looking at kola’s drama), my phone is with me,
Kola: do you use caller tune?
Kemi: haha, yes, why the question (smiling), but can’t remember the song,
Kola: let me hear it na, just type your number here and listen to the song
Me: (laughing) this guy no well,
Kemi: no, I can’t
Me: abeg kola, 4 will soon reach,
Kemi: (cut in) who are you looking for sef
Kola: why do you want to know?
Kemi: ok o,
Me: no mind him; we are looking for one girl, Cynthia by name
Kemi: ha, sister Cynthia, she is my customer, she will soon leave, she’s using Toyota camry, that sis get money o
We looked each other’s face when we heard the side of Toyota camry, by 4 pm, we saw one red, neat Toyota camry driving out of the company compound, truly it was Cynthia driving it’
We board a bike, we told the bike man to trail the Toyota Camry she was driving, when we got to one sharp corner, the Toyota stopped…….

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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