Tale of cynthia episode 6.

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Episode 3
I couldn’t talk, my body was weak from within, how can this be possible, how can I sleep, no wonder she gave me water to drank, chai. We arrived at the office, kola welcomed us, but as a sharp guy I don delete the video, i couldn’t tell kola about it.
It was night already, kola has already sleep, but I was chatting with Omolara, I was thinking of what happen, if kola should find out, how would he feel, I betrayed him, but this girl doesn’t fit kola. “Tolom”, my whatsapp notify me of another message aside from Omolara that I was chatting with, unknown number.
Number: hi
Me: hello, who is this
Number: is that Daniel
Me: yes
Number: this is Oluwatoyin,
Me: ok
Number: if you tell your friend about what you saw, I will also show him the video, I only did it to survive, and that’s the bitter truth,
Me: ok
My mood changed, kola was already snoring. But I all I could do was just to clear the chat between me and Toyin and later switch my chat to one of our neighbor’s daughter wey I one bleep.
Me: hi baby
Ronke: hi, I’m nt your baby
Me: ok sha,
Ronke: yap,
Me: but please na
I slept off, kola and I got to work in the next day as usual, we were doing our nomal routine, M.r. Dabiri came to see boss, Toyin was looking at me, but I didn’t even give her face.
Omolara called me in the next day to inform me that she will be coming around next week, I told kola about it, so as for him to be finding were to sleep till my G.F leave. I was happy about it. kola left work early on this fateful day without him telling me, I thought he went to see his mum, but to my surprise kola was at home, I was busy calling kola he didn’t answer, I was calling his number, E no pick, I asked my neighbor if he was inside, but I was told kola was inside with a lady, I sat outside waiting for him to come out, to my surprised kola came out with kemi, the tokunbo girl wey we meet for Cynthia’s place, kola the bad guy. After he escorted the girl we were inside, I sat on bed, while he sits on the reading chair and table, we had little conversation before night falls,
Kola: guy you don vex?
Me: abi, if naso you want (paused) you code the girl, you no tell me, she come you no even tell me, you even left work early, oga o
Kola: (sigh) alaye, no vex, I called her last week, just once, but was surprised when she said she was around my area, and I gave her the description to my place, I thought of telling you, (paused) but I don’t want Toyin to see me, she said I should give her money.
Me: no p
Kola: (he walked to me, he sat beside me on top bed) alaye no vex
Me: (smiling) I don hear, how far, se you sha bleep her?
kola: see you, you no trust me (paused) the guy get bf o, infact her bf call her when I dey nack her,
Me: chai, girls and there higi haga sha, and you no toast her?
Kola: I dey tell you,
Omolara came as promised, my girl is more beautiful again, she came on Thursday, and follow me go work on Friday, kola had already find where to sleep, when we got home in the evening, Omolara cooked, the girl sabi cook, after the meal, we were resting on the bed discussing.
Me: baby
Lara: yes dear,
Me:(I pecked her on her forehead) even if we get married today, will you still be travelling to your work, cus I cant leave Ibadan for Abeokuta o
Lara: (sigh) the lord will teach us, if you want me to quit, I can quit, but find a good job that can feed us, not this kind job.
I started teasing her neck, she was responding, I move my other hand to her breast, little bit hard and soft, we started kissing each other, I bleeped her that night.
Lara went back to her destination on Sunday evening; she gave me some cash, what a good girl, i and kola were gisting after all our client had left, we were discussing when I received a text message, on reading the text, the text was from>>>>>>>>>

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