Tale of Cynthia . Episode 7.

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Tale of Cynthia.

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Episode 7

Cynthia’s working place, calling us for interview in the next two days, kola also received the text, I was happy, we lied to boss that we will be going for burial ceremony, and it is very important, he granted us, we ironed our cloth, we arrive the venue early, the interview was scheduled for 10 a.m, we arrived there at exactly 9a.m an hour before the interview, we were at the reception, I didn’t even notice Cynthia, cos we were much in number, we were given a printed paper, filled with questions, we did our best, expecting God to prove himself, I saw Cynthia when I’m done with the questions, because they told us to wait for oral interview again, I was looking at her, busy going up and down, her beauty still remain the same, after the interview I and kola left the place for our house.
Kola went to visit Toyin at home cus time is almost gone before we arrived home, I called Omolara to informed her about my interview, she wish me all the best, I was lonely at home, I called Ronke my landlord’s daughter to come and play with me, since her parent were not around, she first said no, but I later convinced her.
Me: sit down now
She sat beside me on bed,
Ronke: why calling me
Me: about what I’ve been discussing wt you naaani,
I held her on shoulder,
Ronke: bro dan, haha, (she frown her face) aren’t you ashamed of yourself, you are a brother to me, you are a graduate, I’m just secondary school graduate, and you have your girlfriend, (pause) I’m very sure you only want to play me, you only want to use and dump me,
She stood up,
Me: (still sitting on bed) are you a refuse? Why will I dump you, you are beautiful, and I love you, (I stood up) or do you want to tell me you are a virgin?
Ronke: (looked into my eyes) so what, how is that your p,
She walked out, I was trying to hold her hand, but she refused to listen to me. I slept off; it was kola’s call that woke me.
We were surprised to receive a text from the company we did interview, we were hired with attractive salary, my job was to enter our customers data into the system, and forward it to Cynthia for review before they grant them there wish, kola’s own was to go out with other staff, to talk to top companies to partner with us. I was enjoying the job, I was saving my salary I and kola, Lara do visit me every month, my story started changing gradually, but Cynthial never like me, but I don’t care. i mingled with the staff, cus I want to know the reason behind powerful Cynthial because the girl get mouth in the company, the man we meet there, mr Samuel do drop I and kola cus he lives in next street, we were going home one day when I asked the man,
Me: (while in the car) egbon, please I want to ask you something o
Mr Samuel: ok,
Me: why is Cynthial so powerful in that company, (pause) she is not the M.D now.
Kola: abi now
Mr Samuel: (burst into laughter) see this guys, you better don’t trespass, she be the owner’s wife,
Kola: (asked in amaze) you mean the owner of the company?
Mr Samuel: yes o, (pause) but don’t know why the girl hate Daniel so much, you guys sabi yourself before.
Me: (I lied) no o, only God knows sha, na she sabi
Kola: (cut in) don’t mind him, they were dating before ni o
Me: kola haha
Mr Samuel: (use one hand to hold the steering, while he use the other hand to give me blow on my shoulder) you don’t want him to tell me, no wonder she hate you that much.
Me: hmmm.
Mr Samuel dropped us at the front of our house. After five month of working in my new place of work, Cynthial was making the place boring to me, she complained on everything I do, I was enduring but I was forced to voice out.
I was sitting at my desk, during break time, some staffs were gisting, but I was busy doing what she said I should do, not until I saw her coming from her office straight to my desk.
Cynthia: (standing at the front of my desk) how do you graduate from school?
Me: (was surprised) haha, what happen.
All eyes were on me,
Cynthia: send an ordinary data of Mr. Charles, you are here sweeting, on simple task,
Me: I’ve already done that now, check your system (still sitting)
Cynthia: what you sent is not mine, check it and send it again, I’m talking to you, and you are sitting.
Me: (with anger) what Is it sef, can you do it yourself? (paused) you complained too much. What’s your problem,
Cynthia: you are fired, (she was walking out)
Me: (I stood to my feet) is that all you can do (pause) suit yourself,
She looked at me, I walked out, some staff ran after me, telling me to beg her, but I refused bluntly. I was angry that day, I saw Ronke, I can’t even greet her, I walked past her, cus I was angry. I lay on bed resting, I’ve already call kola to inform him. I was resting when my phone rang,

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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