tale of cynthia. Episode 9

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Episode 9
After some months, everything is going on fine, until one morning when I was in my shop and a Toyota camry parked directly in front of my shop, to my surprise it was Cynthia, but what baffles me is the way Ronke rushed to embraced her shouting ‘’sister mope’’ I was watching the drama until they both got to me.
Ronke: this is my bad boss (pointing to me)
Cynthia: your boss? I sabi him now, he is a friend of mine
Was surprised, I stood up to grit her,
Me: where did you guys know each other?
Cynthia: my cousin ni now
Ronke: this is sister mope, you know I asked you that day, she is the daughter of my daddy’s sister
Me: (confused) you mean your dad is a brother to her mother
Ronke: yes
Cynthia: you can’t even offer me a sit
Me: sorry jare, come and sit here (gave her a chair)
Cynthia: wo Dan I’m not here to sit, I want to see you, Ronke I will see you before I go.
Cynthia and I went to my house, she sat on the bed revealing her tight, I sat on the chair, I took off my eyes.
Me: so what do you want to see me for
Cynthia: no coke, no food (smiling)
Me: don’t worry, just talk first
Cynthia: nothing serious, just want to beg you for my actions towards the other day
Me: no problem
Cynthia: so this is where you and kola live?
Me: yes, that reminds me, is that chief your husband?
Cynthia: yes, what’s wrong with him
Me: Nothing and why did you call me a devil
Cynthia: yes you are, I left Ibadan to your school, I arrived there at 9:30 pm, I called you severally you didn’t pick, sent lot of s.m.s to you, you didn’t reply, luckily for me, I saw someone that knows you, who later walked me down to your house which on getting there I caught you on another girl, and you even pretends as if you don’t know me which made me really disappointed in you, so I had no choice than to risk my life going back to Ibadan all bcos I had no other place to stay till the next day. On getting back to the car park maybe I can see a taxi to take me back to Ibadan, but I didn’t see anything, (paused) luckily for me I saw this black jeep and another jeep behind the car they packed in my front, and the chief asked if he could help to Ibadan, I was afraid but I couldn’t say no, I entered the jeep,(pause) he said he was coming from his g.f’s school, that girls do play him, and he helped me to Ibadan, since then, chief has been nice to me,
Me: oga o
Cynthia: but I must confess to you, I wish I marry a young guy like you, because my mum was against getting married to the chief all becos of his age,
Me: I’m sorry’ sha, but you caused it, I thought you’ve changed but you are still the same, (pause) but you are happy, so stop calling me a devil.
Cynthia:(sigh) assuming you picked my call, I wouldn’t have met chief, mum wouldn’t have hate me, she said I shouldn’t come to her place again, cus that was how she also went to marry an old man cus of money, she was thrown out when the man died, and she doesn’t want me to end up like her (pause) but after you, while dating the chief, I met like 2 guys after you, Dan all na wash. That’s why I settled for chief
Me: but you should have listen to mummy now
Cynthia: I know, but you guys are the same, well that’s life sha, as times goes on mum will forgive me,
Me: ok o
Cynthia: Dan please come back to work, chief said I should beg you, I told him about your zeal for the work,
Me: why did you chase me away before,
Cynthia: please Dan, it was because of what you did to me that’s why I hate you,
Me: hmmm, what about my shop, (I was happy but pretending) what will happen to it
Cynthia: Ronke can handle it now, please Dan,
Me: ok
Cynthia: thank you, cus those company staff just they look me, but they cant talk, (yawn) Dan, what do you think of my dress,
Me: you are okay now
Cynthia: okay? (she stood up) hmmmmm,, ,I’m sure I’m beautiful than your girlfriend
Me: eheee? Omolara fine pass you o,
Cynthia: but you didn’t meet her a virgin like me, that’s a pride (walking up and down)
Me: so? who virgin epp?
Cynthia: haa (she frown her face)
I moved closer to her to console her, but I was surprised when our face was looking at her, her beauty catches my eyes again, we started kissing, put my head on that her big boobs, I’m feeling as if I’m in paradise, she grab my erected dick, bring it out of my jeans, giving me blow job, I remove her gown and bra, squishing her boobs mercilessly and sucking it, she was screaming, I proceeded by inserting my hand inside her wet p***y, I was fingering her, she was screaming, I was enjoying the romance, I inserted condom and I was bleeping her, we were in third round when I heard a knock.
Me: who is there
Ronke: its me Ronke, I want to make photocopy for someone and there’s no more paper, so I want to take another paper.
Me: I’m coming,,
Ronke: ok
Cynthia was still on the bed covered with wrapper,
Me: Cynthia dress up now,
Cynthia: wo, DAN ayam tired baje, you are a bad boy, let her enter, I don’t care, (yawning) or are you dating her?
I opened the door, she entered, she gave me a disappointed look, I knew within me that she don know say I don knack her sis…………………………………

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