Tale of cynthia season 2 episode 1

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Episode 1
Me: you are what? (Sweating)
Cynthia: yes now, so when you are doing it, you don’t know abi
Me: can’t you please abort it?
Cynthia: me? God forbid bad thing.
I logged out, I didn’t reply again, I can’t even eat the food I had prepared, I was soliloquizing ,
“why is my life like this”
“Is Omolara not okay for me? She is now, but far from me noonii now”
“So Cynthia want to marry me by force, that’s why she called Omolara that day, oga o”
“What will I tell my mum about lara?”
“And kola warned about this girl o”
I woke up in the next morning, I couldn’t tell kola, one part of me said I should tell kola, but the other was like I shouldn’t , I left for work, doing my normal routine, and stylishly looking at Cynthia, as she was staring and smiling at me at the same time.
During the break time, I couldn’t go for lunch, while Cynthia was busy laughing and playing with people around, I just summon the courage to message her
Me: hi
Cynthia: hello
Me: please let’s abort this thing
Cynthia: Daniel, do u want me to come into this life and go like that, am leaving this baby
Me: haaa, joor now
Cynthia: you are not the father, so relax
Me: are you sure? Say God?
Cynthia: I can’t, chief is the father, bye,
Me: what about lara’s stuf
She didn’t reply again, I was happy with the last statement, that I am not the father. I was deep in thought that I didn’t even notice that there was a client sitting in my front, calling my name

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Client: Young man
She bang the table
Me: ha sorry ma
Client: what happen to you, what it is you are thinking, haha , take it easy o
Me: am sorry ma, how can I help you ma
Client: that sister over there directed me to you (pointing at kikelomo, one of the staff) I need 10 million naira loan, so she said you will be the one to check my status, maybe I can collect the loan
Me: let me check, what’s your name ma
She told me her name and some other things I needs to verify as well,
Me: you can collect the loan madam, I will send your status to her, go and meet her
Client: what’s your name?
Me: me? (Was surprised) Daniel ma
Client: (she gave me her card) you can call me anytime, you can share your problem with me, if I can be of help, I want to take you as my brother, want to know what you are thinking
She rose up and left, I was just looking at her fat ass, she greeted me when she was going, she even collected my number.
After Ronke was through with the auditing and she was about going, I feel like having sex, since Omolara refuse to pick my call, and Cynthia is now pregnant for her old man,
Me: baby mi
Ronke: yes Daniel
Me: (surprised) haha, where did you put the brother
Ronke: (smiling) forget bro jare, you are a brother yet you nack me, you don sell the brother now Daniel
Me: mo foh o, well no p sha
I was playing with her hair, I proceeded to breast, squeezing it, unzip her dress, was sucking it, my dick no stand up o, I tried it again, same thing,
Haha kilode,
Ronke: what’s wrong with you,
Me: I don’t know, (what’s going on)
Ronke left angrily cos she was in mood already after kissing and the hand works , I didn’t get myself again, haha, this thing no stand, I began to imagine some erotic scene in my mind hoping the thing go D**K go raise head, but all na same….temibami

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