Tale of cynthia season 2 episode 15

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It was after work on Friday, I was looking around, the place was bushy, the guy called me again to drop the money, I drop the money, I was afraid, I drop the money and ran, I heard a sound that sound like a gun sound, but I didn’t stop.
I called kola when I got home, he didn’t pick, I called Cynthia also, none of them pick. I heard a knock
Me: who’s is there?
Daniella: open joor
I open the door, she sit on the chair, she looks angry
Daniella: daniel. Whats wrong with you this days sef, I don’t understand you any longer
Me: how
Daniella: just tell, if you are no longer interested in me again, let me know, its like am forcing you, you don’t play, nor talk to me or mum again,
Me: baby, not like that, (I left my chair to sit besides her) I was in one debt that’s why, I mistakenly do one rubbish for my place of work, which I don’t like
Daniella: how much?
Me: the money much o
Daniella: how much?
Me: like 500k
Daniella: I will give you, but how did you do such mistake, well Dad said I should take over his company here, so I’m now the boss, I wanted to tell you but when we no see your face nko
Me: ha, thank you dear
Daniella: just don’t disappoint me, when we marry, I will hand the company over to you, you will be directing it
Me: wow, aye mi ti da o, lets celebrate now
Daniella: hunnn, if I no come nko, woo I can’t do anything o, my menstruation don com o, when you are done, just come and play with us, cus , mum is talking
Me: ok,
She left, after some hours, kola entered with the money I went to drop, his cloth is dirty
Me: guy what happen, whats going on
Kola: guy, so you own cynthia’s baby, no wonder you dey nack her while she carry belle, now Omolara finally left you, the open person that understand your nagging attitude, can Cynthia leave her husband for you? it seems I will go and see mummy, leave this Cynthia alone, she cant do anything good for you, than to destroy you, she don marry, just forget her,(pause) you know I warned you about all this from start, you brought all this yourself, only God and brain can save you from this
Me: I don hear, what happen (pointing at the money)
Kola: Cynthia will soon be here to explain the person behind all this trash
Me: who please?

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