Tale of cynthia season 2 episode 3

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Episode 3
The call was from the woman that collected my number in the office,
Me: hello ma,
Mrs Rose: how are you,
Me: fine ma,
Mrs Rose: when will you see me in my house or office?
Me: hmmm, I don’t really have time ni ma, but I can come to your house on Sunday
Mrs Rose: ok dear, will send my address to you, I just need a companion.
It was Saturday morning when Cynthia called me that she will be coming, she came she sat on the bed, after she drank coke and the rice I prepared for her, we were talking
Me: (I sat on the chair) please what about Omolara now
Cynthia: I called her like 15 times yesternyt, but she didn’t pick up o
Me: oga o, you see what you caused,
Cynthia: abi you, you too like girls
Me: so how would you feel if someone tell chief that I dey bleep you,
Cynthia: she burst into laughter) see you, na me dey rule, so you think chief no sopose to dey suspect us before, chief knows you to be my cousin, I reset his brain, and the day mum called me, mum still asked of you, so he dare not think anything strange,
Me: oga o, what if you catch him bleeping another lady
Cynthia: (she rose from the bed) ehhen? He dare not, dey no born him well, he knows if we depart today, I own half of his property, I trust him than you, Daniel please I’m missing you jare
Me: so you don forget that Yoruba talk that says, if you bleep a pregnant lady, and the pregnancy doesn’t belong to you, you wont have money till the girl can talk,
Cynthia: see this one, all na superstition, gbagbe jare, besides you are the father (she smile)
Me: ehee,
Cynthia: ok, I was only joking, I will give you 200k, please
Me: 200 what?
On hearing that, I did it, she transferred the money into my account. kola and I spend it lavishly, I told kola to follow me to the woman’s place on Sunday, but the guy refused, I arrived at the woman’s place by 3:00 pm, the place was a big mansion, she only had a gateman leaving with her in the house.
Mrs Rose: how are you,
Me: fine ma
Mrs Rose: have your sit (pointing at the chair)
I sat on the chair, looking around, at the furniture and texture of all round her house,
Me: nice place ma
Mrs Rose: (while holding a drink) thank you dear, I know you have questions to ask, feel free
Me: (opportunity) what about your husband
Mrs Rose: hmmm, my daughter is with him in u.s, so am here alone, that’s why I need company, you know what, stand up, lets work around, you will know more about me as time goes on.
I rose to my feet, she showed me all around, she introduced me to the gateman as his brother, and I left the place.
I was on my way home, looking at my house, when I heard ‘’gbau’’ a gun shot, I fell to the ground, a gunshot on my hand that’s all I could remember>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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