Tale of Cynthia season 2 episode 4

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Episode 4
I found myself lying helplessly on the hospital bed, a drip was hanged around me, bondage was round around my hand, I was surprised to see my mum weeping, Cynthia was also crying, Kola and Ronke entered with a cooler that contained food, and the doctor followed them in,
Doc: Mr Daniel, you are awake,
Me: yes, (I want to stand up)
Doc: no, relax, thank God you were brought in on time, if not,(he faced my mum) mother just be grateful, you don’t need all this ma, and sister Cynthia please stop crying cus of your condition
My mum: Daniel, do you want to kill me? Who did this to you?
Me: I don’t know,
Kola: sorry guy, investigation is going on, cus I’ve report it to the police
Me: okay guy (I faced Cynthia) stop crying please, (to Ronke) Ronke thank you dear,
Ronke: you welcome sir,
Me: so how much is my bill sir?
Doctor: Sister Cynthia has paid.
I smiled, doctor told them to allow me to rest, Cynthia rushed to me when she was going, she hugged me and whisper into my hair “I love you so so much” I was surprised with the way Cynthia was crying, I knew my mother’s own, chief came with Cynthia to greet me at the hospital, I called Omolara to informed her, but she didn’t pick, I even snapped myself on hospital bed to show it to her, but she didn’t reply my messages, she has hid her last seen on whatzapp, I didn’t even know when last she was online, or maybe she sees it.
I was given some weeks to rest at home, I was told to come regularly for checkup, during this period, Cynthia do come and visit me, she will buy me food from Mr Biggs, it makes me to love this girl the more, Mrs Rose also came to my place to greet me, and my colleagues from work.
I was inside when Ronke came home that afternoon to pick paper incase Customer wants to do photocopy, and I thought of using the opportunity.
Me: babe,
Ronke: yes Daniel
Me: haha, oga o, no more respect
Ronke: at least I do call you bro outside,
Me: no p, come now
Ronke: wo, leave me joor, my bf is suspecting me, the last time we had sex, he suspected me, cus I didn’t even know he would come that evening, and you banged me hard that day, and I forgot my pant in your place, when he said oya, I didn’t want to do it, but he forced me, and he noticed that I was pant less, (pause) I just have to lie that I watch porn video and masturbate
Me: you get bf?
Ronke: no, I won’t, so I will let you dump me abi, so the guy said I should come today again, he even said he will deal with anyone he caught me with
Me: forget, this is noon, you will wash your p***y after this thing jare,
I drew her close to me, she was feeling reluctantly, I wasted no time and rush out to her weak point which she could not resist, I unzipped her gown, I unhook her bra, sucking her breast, she was on bra and pant, she was already wet, I pull off her pant with my one hand, and I inserted my BBC into her pussy with the other hand, I started bleeping her, I was squeezing her breast and bleeping her, we did doggy style, cus I enjoyed that style so much cos it gave me access to see shaking butt. She washed her p***y and left for shop.
After she left, I was thinking of who could have shot me, who did I offend, I did nobody harm now, when a message enter my phone
“That’s just a sample guy, u played pranks on me, I will let you know that I am a confirmed edo….
I tried the num back, but the number no go again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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