Tale of cynthia season 2 episode 5

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I was afraid, I was afraid of staying inside, but I can’t go to shop again, what if the person is around. I informed kola about the message, we both tried the number but not going, I was scared cus of the message.
Kola: relax jare
Me: I dey fear o
Kola: who do you suspect to be edo guy or lady
Me: Omolara is not from edo, Cynthia not from edo, that’s all
Kola: what about Benita, or Ronke’s bf you told me about yesternyt.
Me: I will ask jare
Kola: no fear jare
I resumed work the following Monday, everybody was greeting me, asking about my health. Mrs. Rose do call me, she is very nice to me, I do go to her place after work at times. Cynthia has been promoted to the post of Assistance manager, she now have a private office.
I was in my office when Cynthia told me to bring one file to her office, on getting there, I met her smiling,
Me: why smiling
Cynthia: nothing now
I gave her the file, I was about leaving when she stood up, trying to pull me closer to her
Me: what, na office we dey nw
Cynthia: so? forget jare, people don go home, this is past 4 already
Me: kola will be waiting for me.
She grab my dick, that one too don stand, she unzip my trouser, brought out my dick, giving me blow job, after 5 min B.j she bend down, placing her hand on the table, revealing her butt with pant, I moved the pant away, and I inserted my dick, I was banging her badly from behind and she was moaning.
On my way home, I branched my shop, but Ronke was not happy, like she used to be, I asked her of what happen, she said nothing, I left the shop and went home to rest, while resting, I heard a knock, it was Ronke, she entered, her face shows she has been crying long before naw,
Mr: wha’ts wrong with you sef
Ronke: Daniel, mo ti ku, (she was crying)
I stood up and hold her shoulder,
Me: what is it,
Ronke: am pregnant, my daddy will kill me
Me: haha, your guy right
Ronke: for you ni o, my bf never release inside me,
Me: ooh God



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