Tales of cynthia Episode 14

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Episode 13
Me: ehm, please Lara, not what you are thinking,
Lara: then what? (while weeping)
Me: the thing is eemm, emm
Lara: so, I’ve been taking care of your baby, imagine, Daniel, you are heartless, and my creator will fight for me, unless I have any guy aside from you
I was begging her, but she didn’t answer, she said I shouldn’t beg her cus its only God that can settle it, nobody can talk to her again, she left, I explained it to kola, he was surprised, but Lara has left before he heard, he tried calling her, but she didn’t pick. On getting home, the gateman said Mrs Rose is around, and she’s been asking of me, I’m not in the mood for that, I left to my apartment. I tried cynthia’s number and she picked up
Cynthia: Daddy Clinton (her son’s name)
Me: who, wo I’m not here for that o, there is fire on the mountain
Cynthia: what happen?
Me: I will send one video to you now, just watch it alone please
Cynthia: what is it, my husband is not around, he travelled this morning
I sent the video, after 5 minute, she called me back
Cynthia: Daniel, ha, what are we to do, ha, I’m in soup, how sef, who upload the video,
Me: the guy said he want 1 million in other to keep mute
Cynthia: no problem, but hope he won’t say it out again
Me: I don’t know o
Cynthia: I will call you back
She hang up, after some minute, Ronke called me, she said she has been given admission into university of Ibadan, I was happy for her, and besides I’m free from her, I told her that I must see her before she go to school, I went to meet Mrs Rose
Mrs Rose: DAN DAN, what’s wrong with your face, why the dull face
Me: nothing jare mummy, (I faked my smile)
Mrs Rose: I help you and your friend bring some cloth
Me: oh, thank you ma
Mrs Rose: go and change, we are going out, let’s go to eatery together
Me: please let’s go tomorrow, I’m not feeling fine
Mrs Rose: yes, I know, go and use drugs sha
I left the place, I need a privacy, I was lying down when Cynthia called again
Cynthia: Dan, don’t worry, I’ve arrange for the money, so call him, I will come your side now
Me: don’t worry, you just give brith ni now, were will you tell mummy
Cynthia: don’t wory
I called kola, kola and Cynthia came together, I call the guy, but it was a lady that pick it again, the number no dey go before, but now going
Me: hello ma
Voice; how va about the money
Me: where should we meet?
Voice: I will send the address, if you like, call police when coming o, we plenty o, you should be there in two hours time.

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