Tales of cynthia season 2 episode 12

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I was moving up and down, don’t know how to drive , I rushed to Daniella’s apartment, thank God she’s at home, we both carry her into her car, she describe her registered hospital, I called her husband to inform him, he thanked me, and I left the place after I heard the voice of her baby.
Cynthia gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, the day was Thursday, but it was postpone till Friday evening cus of the company staff.
To my surprised I met omolara at cynthia’s place, wow, I was happy, I rushed to her, I embrace her, I held her firmly, which she did as well, she whispered into my ear, “I’ve missed you” on hearing this, I don’t even care if people are watching me, I started eaten her lips, we did this for 2 minute. She went back preparing with Cynthia, I was looking at them, how I wish this girl knew she’s here for her finance naming ceremony. They name the boy Clinton, After the program,
We started dancing, Omolara’s ass was hitting my Di¢k, her dancing step was not that bad, cus she’s an S.U, I was using the opportunity by grabbing her ass, her waist, we stopped dancing, when it was 12, one of the staff came with his car, I begged Omolara to follow me home on getting to a nearest hotel, cus they would close my estate gate, kola and his bae, obtain a room while Omolara and I also obtain one room as well, while we are in the room, omolara and I started gisting
Lara: (she sat on the chair) assuming I came with my Atm, this won’t happen o,
Me: what?
Lara: staying in a room with you this bad boy, can I trust you again?
Me: sha forgive me, I’m a changed guy
Lara: hum
Me: serious, if I have any girl, won’t she come to the naming as well? Atleast I wasn’t aware you will be at the naming ceremony. Come and sleep jare
Lara: no, let me sleep here, and besides I need to take shower before I sleep
Me: go and shower then,
I pass the towel to her
Lara: close your eyes,
I was looking else were, while she started undressing herself, I watch her walking into the bathroom, my Di¢k jack, I heard the water dropping
Me: I also want to shower, can I come in?
Lara: no, o, please
Me: please now,
I open the door, chai, Omolara was dam pretty, I v already undress myself as well, I moved closer to her, our mouth lock up, she faced the wall, while her ass was facing me, I enter from behind,
Omolara: wait
Me: what
Lara: go and get C.d jare.
Me: no, I want to impregnate you, so that you won’t leave me again
Lara: I cant but
I cover her mouth and I started my job as usual she was moaning loud, I carried her to the bed, after the bleeping, she sleep off, I was about to sleep when my phone gave me a notification, I open the whatsapp notification, I downloaded the video, and lo and behold, it was a video of the day I banged Cynthia inside her office from behind, the sleep disappear, from the same number disturbing me, I called Cynthia, her number was switch off
Haha, what’s going on,
How could this be?
I was on this when the number called me
Voice: hello (male voice) I see that killing you won’t add or remove anything from me,
Me: please sir
Voice: wow, almighty Daniel can beg, well, all I need is 1 million naira
Me: one what? Ha, were should I see that?
Voice: I give you 3 days, after that, I will expose you, you know the chief can kill you, I know him very well, and Cynthia can also loose her home, so ask her, you can go ahead and call police
He hanged up, I was sweeting, even with the A.c on, Lara woke up
Lara: what happen Daniel, why are you not sleeping?
Me: nothing jare,
Lara: so who have you been speaking with?
Me: don’t worry
We slept off, but when I will wake up, I meet omolara weeping, she sat on the chair
Me: what happen
Lara: Daniel, so you and Cynthia are dating,
Me: what are you talking about (pretending)
She showed me my phone, chai, so I forgot to lock my phone, but she knows my password be4, and I haven’t change it,

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