Tales of cynthia season 2 episode 8

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Dad Ronke: my daughter is at the hospital bed, you are Her boss, how can she do abortion without you knowing
Me: ha, Daddy, I didn’t know anything about what you are saying
We left for the hospital, I saw Ronke on the bed, she was looking at me, I felt like crying, her mother was besides her, the doctor met us there
Me: thank you doctor
Doctor: thank God bro, Ronke, you are free to go home, you are now okay, but don’t do abortion again o, thank God the thing didn’t affect your womb
Kola: sorry Ronke
Mummy Ronke: (facing Ronke) who impregnated you, you know you haven’t answer my question, you are there crying, tell me (she yelled)
Doctor: leave the girl please
Daddy Ronke: no doctor, let her talk
I was scared, she was looking at me,
Ronke: he has run away, the person that impregnated me
Mama Ronke: you see your life now, he impregnate you and do abortion for you and run away, what if you die,
Daddy Ronke: (faced me) Daniel, please be monitoring her for me, please take her as your sister, I don’t like the way you do play with her, let her respect you,
Me: okay sir, but I can’t beat her now
Mummy Ronke: you can beat her please, beat her if you see any guy with her again, now the fool impregnate her and ran away, hum, if my daughter die ni, the guy will also follow
I was happy Ronke saved me, I paid the bills, and we left for home, I gave her some weeks to rest, she couldn’t come out cus she was weak, but thank God she’s now okay.
I opened my whatsapp, I saw omolara online, I hi her, and luckily for me, she replied me
Me: you are wicked, since all this Days
Omolara: so what is your problem
Me: I sent you a text, I was in hospital for some weeks, you didn’t show up, oga o
Omolara: I came, I paid your bills, I told sis Cynthia to cover
Me: you what? Please omolara forgive me now please
Omolara: when you fully change, just let me know, bye
She didn’t reply me again, I switch my chat to Cynthia
Cynthia: hi baby
Me: so omolara paid my bills then, and you can’t tell me
Cynthia: she said make I no tell you ni nw
Me: oga o, I thought u love me ni now, so you can do this, you were even sympathizing with me
Oga o, you and kola
Cynthia: kola didn’t know anything o, please Daniel
Me: you betrayed me for the 2nd time,
I stopped replying her, “Daniel please” I didn’t betray you, please” bla bla bla,
I told kola about it, he said I don’t need it, make I just forgive her, that there is still hope that Omolara will still come back.
I was in my shop after work pressing my phone when another message enter my phone, “brother long time, be expecting me again

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