Tales of cynthia season 2 episode 9

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my mood changed, I was afraid, I close the shop and went to police station to report, they said kola has already came to report, that if I can leave the place I’m leaving for now, it will be better, so that they can do there work, Kola can stay since he is not the target, I can’t stay at home, and I can’t go to cynthia’s place cus she offended me a lot. Kola was at home so we were discussing the issue.
Me: guy I dey fear o,
Kola: let’s go this woman place now, mrs Rose place
Me: haha, why you
Kola: alaye me sef dey fear.
After much ado, we went to Mrs. Rose place, I called her, she said no problem, we stayed at the boys quarter behind her house, a room and a sitting room and a toilet, kitchen, life at the place make sense, her cook do bring food for us, in the night, we find something to eat in the morning, am getting close to mrs Rose gradually, but Daniella still never like me but like kola, but I cant take my eyes off her cus of her tigh and bad ass, I have access to her when her mother travel cus she has warned us not to trespass to her daughter. i do call Ronke on phone so as to know whats going on in shop.
I was watching movie when I heard Daniella shouting at the gateman but it seems the girl don high, I rushed to the scene, Daniella is already drunk,
Daniella: leave me alone, you are not him, Dele please come(shouting at the gateman)
I told the guy to leave him to me, I put my hand on her shoulder.
“huu” Hoor”
She vomited on my cloth, chai, Ayanma, I took her to her bed, she just sleep like someone that was ganged raped, I was looking at her fresh thigh,
Se make I grab this opportunity
See has this girl fresh,
But what happen to her sef
I left the place before I can’t control myself again, on getting outside, I saw the gateman waiting for me
Me: what is it
Gateman: nothing, (still smilling)
I was about leaving when he said something that caught my attention
Gateman: instead of you to use this opportunity and bleep the girl, you no fit
Me: (surprised) to bleep my sister?
Gateman: burst into laughter) see this brother o, you better no deceive yourself, you be her sister yet madam chase you out one day
Me: what
Gateman: I was beside the window, she said I should do the ac then so I heard her voice, you remove cloth on your sister’s ass
MeLchai, this guy too dey talk, mad guy) anyway not your buz
Gateman: you better go and bleep the girl, I did mine yesterday
Me: you did what?
Gateman: (laughing) I grab my opportunity yesterday, she don high like this, and I helped her in, so I saw everything and im a man so I did it, baba go do yours o
Me: you better no tell her,
I walked out, but I was thinking on bed, so this guy don bleep this girl before me sha, I slept off, but her knonck woke me up the next morning….

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