Tales of cynthia season 3 episode 10

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Episode 10
I send my resignation letter through Kola, they called me to confirmed if I mean it, I resume to Daniella’s company as the C.E.O, I am the happiest man of the moment, cus everything was so perfect, I knew Mrs Rose is not happy with the wedding, but I don’t care about that, I forgot all, my sorrow, Daniella is very submissive, no one know that she is owner of the company, because she do treat me as if I am the owner.
After work, we were at home gisting, we sat on the chair, but she put her head on my lap, I was playing with her hair,
Me: baby mi
Daniella: yes love
Me: I am so happy, I mean for this happy home
Daniella: hmm, I am also happy,
Me: do you love me before like this or what?
Daniella: No o, you know I was dating Dele then, I only like you cus mummy like you
Me: hummmm, so na mum help you find husband abi
Daniella: I don’t know o
She left for the kitchen, my phone notify me of message, I check it, it was from a number
Me: who is this
The num: so you don’t even have my number again
Me: who are you
The num: well, Cynthia ni sha
Me: what do you want
The num: just to apologize for what I did the other day, I am sorry, and you should have notified me before you resign now
Me: why should I tell you
The num: nothing,
Me: gat to go please, bye and don’t ever message me again, enough of the destruction you brought into my life
The num: Daniel I love you
I block the num, cus I hate her, and I deleted the num, Daniella noticed my mood,
Daniella: what happen baby,
Me: nothing jare,
Daniella: tell me now,
Me: seriously nothing baby, na some one dey disturb me jare
Daniella: just take it easy
Me: okay jare
Daniella: (She smiled at me,) I just put the rice on fire, Daniel I have a surprise for you
Me: what
Daniella: guess now
Me: (smiling) I’m not that good at guessing now
Daniella: I am pregnant
Me: serious?
Daniella: yes o baby
I carried her up
Me: so I will be a father soon
Daniella: yes o

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