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Days went by and Grace refused to see henry or pick his calls, he was not the type to beg a girl or anybody but he swallowed his pride this time around, he had already won the bet with Ken and Mike but he still wanted Grace in his life, he was not even after bedding her, he just needed her in his life, he was in love with her. He was in the parlor one saturday thinking of how to deal with sharon when felix came back from playing basket ball, they used to go together but he declined going that morning as his mind was not at rest

Dude, you still thinking? C’mon cheer up, am sure she just need some time to calm down, felix said trying to console him

Am gonna deal with Sharon, henry said

Dude, I think you should just handle the issue with Grace and forget sharon, felix advice

She is not going to let us be, am gonna give her something that will make her shut up, henry said

What do you plan to give her? felix asked

Dude, you forgetting that am always one step ahead of any babe, I recorded one of our sex, imagine what will happen to her career if I upload it on youtube, henry said smiling

You crazy man, how did you manage to record it without her knowing? Felix asked

I knew something like would happen, so I took the necessary steps to make sure I would have something to use as defense, henry said

So when do you plan to upload it? Felix asked

Am not uploading it dump head, I will just use it to threaten her, henry said


Sharon was at home when a mail entered, she check it and saw that it had a video attachment, she immediately turned on her laptop to watch it, she was shocked when she saw her self sucking a dick, she watched until the part where she was riding henry, the worst part of the video was that henry’s face did not show on it, she could not belief her eyes, she immediately dialed henry’s number.

And this time he picked after the second ring

Henry what’s the meaning of that video you sent to me? Why are you doing this? She asked as soon as he picked the call

Listen Sharon, I don’t want to fight you, that video can destroy your career and your life, don’t push me, henry said

What do you want? Sharon asked

I just want you to leave Grace and I alone, I don’t want to see you anywhere near her, he said

So this is because of that fresher? Sharon asked

Yes it is and if you love your career and name, stay away from her, henry warned

I have heard, how do I know you will delete the video? She asked You just have to trust me, that’s the only option, henry said

Okay, we got a deal, sharon said a little bit defeated

Grace was with her friend Toyin when a call came in on her phone, she checked it and hissed dropping the phone on the foam

Henry? Toyin asked
Yeah, who else, Grace said

You know,I think you should hear him out, at least, he did not try to deny it toyin reasoned

I don’t get you Toyin, honestly, why do you always support him all the time? Grace asked

I don’t know, maybe because he is so handsome and innocent looking, toyin said with her tongue out

Yeah innocent looking, you know mum said the ones that look innocent are the worst, grace said

Was that part of her boys are no good sermon? Toyin asked Yeah, grace answered and they both laughed

On the real, I think you should listen to him, you two look so good together, take a look at this picture, toyin said showing grace a picture of she and henry

Yeah, we do look cute together, grace agreed And I know you dying to hear his voice, toyin said Yeah, I am, grace agreed again
Then pick up next time he calls, toyin suggested…..
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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