The bet. Episode 15 (finale)

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After talking to Grace, Toyin sent a text to Henry telling him to call again, he did and grace picked up this time

Hey, she said

I miss you, he said She did not reply

I want to see you, he said Where are you? She asked

Am outside your hostel, he replied Am coming, she said

He stood beside his car and soon Grace joined him, he opened the front door for her and she entered, he got into the drivers seat and drove out of the school
Where are you going to? Grace asked him

Home, we are going to my home, I want you to meet my mum, I want you to know everything about me, no more secrets he said

Okay, that’s good enough, she said

They drove for about one hour before they got to henry’s house, he horned and the gate man opened, mrs davies heard the gate being opened so she peeped to check who was driving in, she was surprised when she saw henry’s car but she was happy to see her son, she immediately ran out to meet him, henry knelt down immediately his mum came out and apologized to her for all his stupidity, she told him to stand up that there was nothing to be forgiven, he got up and introduced grace to his mum

Mum, meet grace, my girlfriend, Grace meet my precious mother he said

Nice to meet you ma, grace said bowing her head How are you my daughter? Mrs davies asked Am fine ma, Grace replied

Mrs davies was surprised at the sudden change in henry’s behavior, he was more mature and serious than he was the last time she saw him, she just knew this Grace of a girl must have something to do with it and she instantly loved grace like daughter

They had dinner together and mrs davies instead on them sleeping over, they both agreed and henry went to tidy up one of the empty


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