The dragon king episode 46

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 46
“I need you all in this, without you I won’t be able to achieve this goal, so if you are with me please step forward “ajadi announced as the wave echoed his voice all over the room.
Silent became the atmosphere of the room as everyone stood mute and no one made a comment to his words.
Ajadi keep calm in relaxation as he await comments from his men.
“the three illars are knights and not demon hunters, we just returned from a battle against Loki you don’t expect us to face an eyeless monster with sharp ears” billar argued down the request
“for Now we all should relax and the only problem we should have is how to save your mother—- ” jillar
“we all fought together with love peace and harmony ,but we are yet to achieve our goal.. My uncle use to tell me that you find your best friend on the battle field.. If we sit and relax awaiting the coming of Loki and his Men dear friend am sorry we will loose the battle and the war” ajadi cut in before he could complete his words
The whole room became calm once again but That doesn’t last for long when the muteness was set ablaze by marvel.
“we all here have one or more reason to reject his request, but let me remind all of you.. Zillar, jillar and billar if not for this young man, you all will still be in the wild prison, and probably they might have feed your skins to the dogs ..but yet you still feel reluctant to support him” he turned facing lazar
“as for you Lazar, you swore to king adejare his father that you will always protect his house and support him, why can’t you support his son?.
And as for the two wild solder amidst us, if not for this man, lord reznak would have done what he wished with you all without hesitation ” he calmly step forward out of the queue and he pat ajadi on his shoulder
“but everyone here knows and the great city of ayetoro knows no other king but the true king from the family of Adejare.. As far as I am concerned, lord Ajadi remain my true king and lord, I owe him all my alliance come hell or high water ” marvel assured
“lord marvel speaks harshly — and truly , it is true I swore my alliance to the house of the adejare, but since the existence of Loki, I thought the good adejare’s are no more… But I was wrong. From now on all my loyalty and honour goes to the true dragon king until his last breath ” lazar pull his sword and kneel before ajadi
To be continued

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