The dragon king episode 60

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Dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 60
(man on black)
Lightning dance across the sky ,sending a bright flash light all over the sky as loud and sound rumble filled the whole atmosphere.. Queen tinuade stood all alone outside the top chamber of the wilds, she close her eyes and thought about her little boy who had grown so brave and wise.
A beautiful smile graced her lips as the thought of this approached her heart.
Few minutes later she turned and walked back to her room, she sat on her bed and relaxed her back on the pillow. Immediately after she closed her eyes, she heard someone walking in her room, but before she could open her eyes, someone punched her and she fainted.. Immediately he covered her face with a dark cloth and carried her out of the room..
Two night guards who stood at the entrance of tinuade’s room where busy having a night discussion. the kidnapper quietly dropped tinuade’s fainted body and he pull out his sword .. He tip toed down to where the busy guards are and he threw his sword at one of them which fell and die instantly , before the second guard could make a move, he jumped over him and chopped off his head.
He stood up and move back to pick tinuade’s body but one of the guards who went out to wee in the wee hour saw him from afar and he quietly hide himself behind a pillar and he watched as the man jerked away with tinuade’s body. He quickly rushed down to the main entrance and inform others About what he saw . Few minutes later as the kidnapper was approaching the exit of the city .
But before he could make a move, two guard appeared before him.
“what’s that you carry ” one of the guard asked
“it’s nothing.. But just some piece of clothes ” he said and he patiently dropped the body.
“oh! OK let’s have a look at it” the other guard doubtfully replied.
“comon! It’s just my clothes, believe me guys” he stepped backward leaving the bag between them.
“go take a look at what’s in there ” of the guard whispered to his mate
And he immediately followed the order . He walked calmly closer to the bag , he bend over and pull it opened ..
Then Tinuade’s bleeding head pulled out of the bag.
“my goodness! What’s this? ” he screamed and pulled out his sword immediately
“On your knees! ” he ordered
To be continued

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