The dragon king episode 61

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The Dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 61
snowflakes fell from the sky like feather as the two guards move closer to the man on black, they tiptoed quietly with their hands wrapped around the handle of their swords.
“on your f—–g knees I say” the guard said repeatedly
“comon guys we can settle this like friends ” the man on black begged
“on your knees now or I chopped off your head with my sword ” the second guard warned
“OK! If that’s what you guys want, I guess I have to give you that.. But you still have an option to change your mind before its too late ” he said
“shut up!.. What’s this you have done? you killed the queen And try to run away with her body ” one of the guards quarried
“she is not dead.. She was just knocked out and she will be up in few seconds.. Now listen, if you let me go. I will make you rich and famous.. Just let me go” he begged
“come off this s–t man. Do we look like a fool to you!? ” one of the guards replied as he stretched his sword towards the man on black
“OK! Calm down guys. This is a chance for you two to become rich and I mean it.. Just let me go and I promise to make you rich ”
“shut up! You ain’t going nowhere ” the youngest among the two guards replied
“easy stannis, this could be our chance of becoming what we’ve long been dreaming of.. Why don’t we give it a try and get rich ” the older one whispered
“are you insane or what?.. Don’t tell me you believe what that piece of jerk is feeding us ” stannis replied angrily
“ofcus I do.. Now tell me what use are we to the dragon king?.. Tell me” he angrily asked
“!..for several years we’ve been here guarding and fighting for him but nothing has changed ” jack the older guard screamed
“for a very long time since I have known you, I never knew you were this stupid . Now tell me is this how stupid you are!? . How on earth will you believe in that man who you know nothing of?.. This is insane ” stannis rant
“OK! Am sorry if I made the right decision, so what should we do? ” jack asked
“we arrest him and he face the dragon king ” stannis suggested.
“OK then. “jack said and lower his sword.
Stannis stepped forward and he move closer to the man on black
“now face the floor, if you make any attempt to run, I swear I will chop off your head” stannis warned and he pull a rope from his pocket, he tied the man’s hand to his back and he picked his sword.
As he try to turn around and walk down to the queen, jack inserted his sword into his chest from behind ,blood flew out of his mouth as he fell and die instantly.
To be continued

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