The fatal crush episode 1B

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Episode 1b (continuation)

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A cool and beautiful morning which was the first day of resumption after a long term holiday, I was so much happy and eager to be back to school. Our mum woke us up as early as 6 a.m in the morning so as to get to school early. by 7:15 a.m we were already ready as we set out to school…on d way and brother started gistng


wale: Kunle, bawo ni school se ma ri ni oni ? ( Kunle how will school be like today?)

me : I no va know o bro ,but am just happy ,don’t know if its bcoz of the resumption or something else

wale : me too o, I really miss my babes especially Lara

me laughing ) nawa for you o, you and dis babes.. u better change forget say ur result dey a bit poor last term

wale : forget dat one jawe egbon e ( senior bro.) life no go sweet na without this u dey dull urself jawe

me : (feigning an angry face) meaning !!

wale : so you wan tell me say u no know say plenty gals really like you for class

me : (surprised) really…I no know o..but girls like who?

wale : broda Mi, u no Soji at all,,,u wan tell me say u no notice as Nicky, toyosi and queen dey give you green light since j.s.s class

me : I noticed, I no feel for dem …just friendship

wale : you know dats why I dislike you, u sabi fuck up..anyway na ur own cup of tea, at least when u reach 40 ..u go get gf.

me : u no well ( made an attempt to punch him which he dodged)

wale : I wan branch reach Daniel house, u go ahead of me.

me : okay no problem, but no late too

wale: okay


my brother left for his bestie’s house Daniel while I went straight to school. after 10 minute, I finally reached school.

Being the first day ,the school was scanty .I went straight to my class not after exchanging greetings,handshakes from colleagues juniors,seniors and teachers. on getting to the class, I met a girl ( a new student I guess) sitting alone in class


who was she?


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