The illegal game episode 6

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Episode 6:the Next day was around 9:17pm I heard someone asking for me outside my house then I got up to go out as I got out I saw nancy coming towards me I was very surprise She came closer to me while I was in short boxer
Me:Wow nancy Welcome I Am amazed to see you here

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Nancy:I told you I will be here today didn’t I
Me:Yes you did you are most Welcome pls come inside
She took off her shoes as She got into my house She sat on my chair while I sat on my bed then we began our conversation. She asked me so many question

Nancy:so now that I Am here What Am I suppose to know about you

Me:hun!!! Well there isn’t much about me but you can ask me
Nancy:Ok How about your parents
Me:hnn my parents its something I don’t really like to talk about
Nancy:why I would like to know plssss

Me:hun you see I always cry each time I remember my parents my mother died when I was twelve years but my father was involved in some illegal act which Later got him into jail up till now with all this I felt like I should be dead cos having it in my mind that my dad is in jail kept me in tears

Nancy:Hmmmmmmm that’s painful but How did this happened and How did you survived by your self
Me:my father made a deal with some rich men but he never succeed.
He was a driver he drove dr moyewa otunga a ceo of some kind of company I don’t really understand them but all he could Tell before he was jailed. That they did something illegal but he never Mentioned What type of bussiness they did

Nancy:hmmmmmmmmm but How did he landed in jail was he betrayed
Me:I don’t know but this otunga still lives and wealthy we couldn’t face him we couldn’t fight him cos he is richer and has more power but my father couldn’t defend himself
Nancy:Ok so when have you seen your dad last
Me:he told me never to visit him in jail anymore that I will be used against him and that he will be forced to open up
Nancy:yesssss hm

Me:What is that

Nancy:nothing this just look so complicated to me

Me:but Am not comfortable with that

Nancy:don’t be offended I just think you should be more careful Since he told you not to visit him anymore and that he will be forced to open up which means he is hiding something from otunga and from you
Me:that’s true he must be hiding something from me truely

Nancy:so What type of work do you do

I looked furiously I never wanted to Tell her the kind of work I do but I had No choice


Me:well I tried to finish my School on my own but I never got a standard job I just do delivery service just to eat and keep living
Nancy:hmmmmmmmm How does this delivery work

Me:well I also don’t really know but I follow instructions the co-orperation I work for do Send me errand and I have been informed on How to deliver packages

Nancy:hmm Ok How much are you paid
Me:it depends on the package sometimes fifty thousand
Nancy:hmmmm you got a Wonderful story but you ought to be careful
Me:I Am careful

Nancy:well I will ask you some other things another day can we go out

Me:as in

Nancy:can we just go to eatry
Me:uhn !!! As for me I didn’t prepare for outing oo

Before I could Tell her I have No money to take her out She used her finger to touched my lips to shut me up then I shut up
Nancy:don’t woryy I will take you out my self
Me:really!!! I will be most greatful
I Am begining to love this girl gradually tbc…


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