The painful pleasure episode 23

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)- EPISODE 23

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Finally, we got to new buka. Guess who I saw drinking and dancing with different guys. It was the love of my life – Aramide. I was so bewildered. I was confused. I was perplexed. “It can’t be her!!!” I was so confused that I just kept repeating the same thing. “It can’t be her. It can’t be her. It can’t be her. . .” My doubt was cleared when a guy called her “Mide”. Why exactly did she lie to me? We were supposed to have a prayer meeting that night but she told me she couldn’t come because she wasn’t feeling fine. The most painful part was that she was holding a bottle or ‘trophy’. She was so drunk that she couldn’t even see or notice the way the guys were touching her sensitive parts.
I wasn’t really grown spiritually, I thought Aramide was God sent. She had really helped me to grow spiritually. In fact, at some point, she was the one I discussed spiritual stuffs with. I was so deep in thought, and I thought for a second about Mayowa the ‘flashback’ came. “No woman on earth has a pure heart, even my mama no get pure heart”. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I couldn’t control them. I had to go out of the venue to avoid embarrassment.
The Aramide that had been teaching me to be a good person wasn’t an Angel after all. It was really painful. I cried, cried, cried and cried. It was a really bad experience. I shouted so loud “To hell with love!!! . . .To hell with church girls!!! . . .I hate them!!! . . . No woman has a pure heart!!!” I was literarily roaring like an angry lion.
Sandra had been looking for me, so she saw me outside, under a tree. When I saw her coming I wiped my tears as if nothing had happened. I said to her before she could ask questions. “Let the Party Begin” I went straight into the bar, took two bottles of trophy, one for me and one for Sandra. That was the first time I tasted alcohol. It didn’t taste sweet like ‘Fanta’ but I just kept drinking. I knew it was wrong, but I was just drinking and drinking. And everything started fading off. I couldn’t see well again, yet I continued. I didn’t know what happened, but I could remember everyone was looking at me and laughing. I knew I had lost control and was dancing uncontrollably like a mad man. And before I knew it, my senses stopped working right. I couldn’t remember anything that happened. Whether Aramide saw me or not, I didn’t know and I didn’t even care.
* * * * *
I woke up and found myself in a room. I had just my boxers on. I was in my right senses. The room was smelling nice, it was a guest house. “How exactly did I get here? What happened over the night? Did I sleep here alone?” I kept asking myself these questions. As I was asking myself these questions, my doubt was cleared when Sandra came out of the bathroom with Towel. I was really baffled. . .
Me: Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking.
Sandra: (chuckled) it depends on what you are thinking, if what you are thinking is that we had sex, yes we did! And to be sincere, you are such a horse. At first I didn’t want to, but you just kept begging me for more.
Me: (My heartbeat became faster, a part of me was saying “that’s my boy”. Another was saying “what have you done?” I felt what I did was best, since Aramide can be like that, why can’t I be anything I want to be) I’m just the man
Sandra: Yes you are the man. My Dapo is the man
We both laughed, and she came to me and planted a kiss on my lips, it was like a bolt was loosened in my brain. And before I knew it, the towel went off and it happened again. This time, I can’t blame it on alcohol because I did that in my right senses.
Sandra paid for the guest house till Sunday morning so I was with her. We got so intimate most times. It was so good to me. To me, I thought my life just got ten times better. It was Sunday morning, and we went back to our hostels.
I didn’t say anything to Mayowa about it or anybody in the room. Not even Moji. In fact, I didn’t even think of that, because how on earth will I explain it? how do I tell her? What do I say to her. I just kept calm in the room. Though I was devastated by the true identity of Aramide, I thought sleeping with Sandra had solved the whole problem. But I was wrong.
This is the problem, it is not wrong to have someone you look up to, in any sphere of life, be it in religion or in business. But don’t be too dependent on their outcome or their conduct to inspire you. This is because if they fail, you will most certainly lose focus and fail too. And that was what happened to me. I didn’t regret my actions one bit. I was looking forward to more of the act from Sandra.
That Sunday morning, I didn’t go to church, and I had decided to stop going to church finally. As I was on my bed, around 1pm I got a call from Aramide. “Hello, Dapo, I didn’t see you at all in church today, what happened?” . . .
Me: Who do you think I am, a fool? You are such an Idiot. I saw you at new buka the day before yesterday. So you’ve been deceiving me all the while, so you are not a saint after all. Don’t ever call my number again in your life.
Aramide: (Chuckling). I understand the whole thing, but can you just hear me out?
Me: Are you crazy? You know what, this conversation is over. (I ended the call).
I was so angry, I threw my phone at the wall, and the screen got cracked.
What next?


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