The painful pleasure episode 31

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Me: Moji, the thing is that; I have a very big problem. I need to tell you because a problem shared is half solved. And I don’t want. . . (Sandra came from no where, she came as if she was going to fight one of us)
Sandra: Hold it there! Now I know why you haven’t been picking my calls. It’s all because of this thing (pointing at Moji) that is not even half as beautiful as I am. Dapo, what do you want that I don’t give you? Why have you decided to cheat on me. After everything I’ve done for you. (Sandra was really creating a scene at Anglomoz, and people were staring already. Moji took charge before I could utter a word.)
Moji: (smiling) Just calm down please. I’m not dating your boyfriend, he is just my friend. In fact he has told me a lot about you. I’ve been telling him to introduce me to you but he wouldn’t. (Moji lied) Anyway, I’m Moji.
Me: (I was really dumbfounded as what Moji said really surprised me, but I just played along) Eeeerm, Sandra, it’s nothing serious, you don’t have to make a scene, she’s just a friend.
Sandra: (Feeling reluctant) I’m sorry for everything I said, I was just protecting my Man.
Moji: Yes, I would have done the same if I were in your shoes. In fact, we are done with our conversation. Let me go to my room and give you two time to discuss. I’m sure you have really missed him.
Sandra: Thanks Moji, I’m Sandra, sorry I didn’t tell you my name at first.
Moji: No problem. I understand everything. You guys should have fun okay?
Dapo: (Moji was going to her room. I could have bluntly denied being Sandra’s man right there. But Sandra is a crazy fellow. She will pull down the whole Anglomoz.) Moji, I will call you!
Moji: Alright! Bye. (She left)
I felt uneasy when Moji left, Sandra was really happy to hear Moji say that I had told her (Moji) a lot about her. So she started conversing with me. . .
Sandra: I don’t really like it when you keep female friends, you know anything can happen from there. And I won’t want to share you with anyone. We make each other happy don’t we?
Me: (I was so angry, and I could not control my temper any longer) Sandra, shut your mouth and listen to me! I had sex with you. Yes!! I’m not denying that fact. But that doesn’t mean we are dating. I’m not into any kind of commitment with you. I don’t have feelings for you. You are very beautiful, no doubt about that. But we are not compatible. In short, you are not my type, and I really. . .
Sandra: Shut up dude! What trash are you vomiting from your mouth. When you were having sex with me and asking for more, did you say we are not compatible? I am always taking you to the bar, paying for all your drinks, did you say we are not compatible? I bought you a phone worth 65,000 Naira. I’m sure nobody in your generation have used a phone that expensive. Did you say we are not compatible? You know what you are? A gold digger! And if you think I’m gonna let go of you that easily, then you have just deceived your self. I’m not going to let go of you! Whether you like it or not.
Me: You know what you are? A spoilt brat! How dare you talk of my generation! What exactly do you know about me? What exactly do you know about my family (I got really angry). That you are rich doesn’t mean you get whatever you want. If I don’t want you in my life, you have to leave. You really have to leave.
Sandra: You know nothing about me also, because if you do, you should know I’m not someone you can toy with and get away with it. You want me to leave you? Fine!!!. You need to pay me back every Kobo I spent on you. Plus the money for the phone I bought for you. That’s about 100,000 Naira. And I’m sure you can’t pay that so. . .
Me: (Very Angry now) Give me till next week I will pay you back, every dime. Though I didn’t force you to spend it, neither did I ask. But I will pay you if that will make you leave my life (I stormed out of her presence, heading straight to my hostel)
Sandra: (Calling my name) Dapo! Dapo! Dapo!
I didn’t answer her, as she called my name so loud with anger. That was some minutes to 10pm. I went straight to my room really angry. I couldn’t sleep. Because I was just thinking about Moji.
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