The painful pleasure episode 36

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

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I finally got to my hostel, I couldn’t eat or drink, I couldn’t even sleep, I was just on my bed. I was really helpless. “So Moji doesn’t have feelings for me? So I’m just an idiot, loving a girl who is in love with another guy?” I thought to myself. Compared to her boyfriend? I’m nowhere near him. The guy is so handsome, he’s such a dude. “She can never love me! If she can date a guy that handsome, how on earth will she love someone like me? I lost her! I lost her!” I kept repeating the same thing in my mind. I was just there helpless on the bed. All my roommates have slept already. I was there alone with my thoughts.

It was morning, Mayowa and I didn’t have a class until 12pm. Emeka, Olu and Abdul were not in the room. It was just me, Mayowa and Matthew in the room. Well, whenever we are talking about love, sex and relationship, Matthew doesn’t involve in the conversation. Maybe that’s a rule to him. I told Mayowa everything that happened the previous night. He was really surprised to hear that he was wrong after all. . .

Mayowa: Are you saying that Moji has a boyfriend?
Me: That’s the exact thing I’m saying. She kept repeating that we are like siblings. I don’t want to be her sibling. I love her. I am sure of it. I can’t afford to be just friends with someone I’m madly in love with (panicking)
Mayowa: Just calm down. If she has a boyfriend already, I don’t think there is anything you can do. At least, you can’t ask her to break up with her boyfriend. And you don’t want her go double-date do you?
Me: Of course not! I just want a serious relationship with her. She knows my every move. Even when I’m not talking, she knows what I’m saying. Even my mother doesn’t know me the way she knows me.
Mayowa: Guy stop being so emotional. Just move on with your life. You are still too young to love like this. If she is already dating, then move on with your life and forget about her.
Me: Hmmmm, I really don’t know what to do.
Mayowa: I just told you what to do; Forget about her and move on.
Me: Hmmmmm, it’s harder than you think. It’s not that easy.
Mayowa: I understand, but you have to try. It won’t be an easy task, but just try.

As we were talking, Emeka came in. He discovered that my face was all gloomy. “Guy wetin dey do you naw?” Emeka asked. Mayowa explained the whole thing to him. You know Emeka by now, the crazy guy himself. “Oh boy, your mata bad gan o. So that Moji wey u wan die on top don get boyfriend? Aah you don throw banana give monkey. You don dash the girl out to Canada bobo. Wait self, shey u think say she go love you? How much you get self? You don buy her water before? You buy Brazilian hair? You con dey talk say she go love you? If she love you make I know why.” Emeka made matters worse. Mayowa was already laughing, but I didn’t find it funny. Emeka just kept making jest of me. I didn’t even laugh, I was just there.

I stood up, and dressed up for my 12 o’ clock class. I went to Anglomoz to meet Moji, so we could go to the class together. Moji was gisting me as we were going to the class, but I didn’t even care to listen. I was just going with her, and contributing the little way I could. We got to the class, it was a Botany class. I just sat, and I was just quiet.

After an hour, the lecture finished. I thought about what Emeka said, and I decided to act on it. I took 200 Naira, bought two cold ‘viju-milk’. One for me one for her. “You must have been really sapped, I got this for you.” I said, handing her the viju-milk. “Awwwwwwwn, you are so sweet. Thank you so much”. She said, collecting the drink. It was then it occurred to me that I haven’t bought anything for her since we met. I was really happy that she called me “sweet” I decided that I would do anything to impress her.

We sat in a quiet place, as we waited for our next class which was 2pm. That was Sociology class. As we were seated my phone received a new text. Behold it was Sandra. “What is the message all about?” I asked myself. But I couldn’t even guess right. So I opened the message. The contents really disorganised me. They were. “Hey dude, congrats. You are gonna be a father. Cause I’m pregnant for you, and I’m keeping it.” . . .

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