The painful pleasure episode 40

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

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Finally, Saturday came. I had been thinking of what to do over the weekdays. I had decided to take her to a restaurant called ‘Indulge’ at ‘New Buka’. I was really glad. I wore a shirt, trouser and a bow tie. I looked really corporate. I had collected the three thousand Naira from my friends already. In order to look good, ‘pocket-wise’. I went straight to our meeting point (Anglomoz). It was around 6pm. There I saw Moji, wearing a purple-coloured gown that matched perfectly with her make-up. Her ear-rings were on point, and she looked stunning when I saw her. Her love gripped me, it was literarily killing me already. I just kept calm. “You look stunning!” I said to her. She accompanied her reply with a smile which was powerful enough to make me float to outer space. “Thanks!” She said. We walked to ‘new buka’. To the restaurant there called ‘indulge’. This is actually different from where I saw Mide the other day, this is a decent place for decent people. Just in the same area.

When we got there, I ordered a plate of fried-rice, and chicken. With a ‘5-Alive’ drink and two glass. I was very glad that I was buying something for Moji. Though she has the money, and can pay all the bills. I really wanted to pay her bills so I can feel like the man. The food was really delicious, as we were teasing each other, feeding each other and having fun. The Moji I saw that day is really the one I love. I was so happy being around her. My life was really going well. We just enjoyed the meal as we were enjoying a movie on the TV in the restaurant. After two hours, everywhere had gotten dark. I really needed to tell Moji about my feelings. So that I wouldn’t die in silence. Moji and I left the restaurant, and went straight to Anglomoz to continue talking. Moji just kept talking about lots of stuffs I didn’t wish to hear about. I was just listening so I can show myself as a good listener.

I knew the time was near to tell her about my feelings, but I got really scared and nervous. “What if she says NO?” I thought to myself. A part of me was telling me to say it, while the other was telling me not to. “Moji, there is something I have to tell you”. I said to her. “I’m all ears.” She answered. I got really nervous. I don’t know if it’s true, but I guess that’s how it feels when one wants to confess one’s feelings for someone he really cares about. Not considering how scared I was, I just let it out.

“Moji, I understand that we’ve been just friends for a while now, in fact, I know that you see us as siblings. I know that you have a boyfriend. I also know that you adore him. I know that I’m not rich. I know that compared to your boyfriend, I’m not handsome. I know that I’m just in part one with you. I know that your boyfriend has his masters already. I know that what I’m about to say might surprise you. I know that you do not expect such from me. But above all, one thing I know is that, I’m in love with you. I’m literarily dying in silence. I don’t know whether you have to break up with your boyfriend? I don’t know whether you have to double date? In fact, I don’t think I can share you with anybody. Please Moji (I went on my knees, without caring whether or not people were looking at me) Just give me a chance. All you’ve done is to be kind to me. Moji, what more can I ask for. You are beautiful, kind and intelligent. I can’t afford to be like your brother, it hurts me whenever you call me that. I want you to be mine forever, in fact, we will surely get married. You will never be my ex. You are the first woman in my life I’m telling this, please make my love story complete.” I finished my speech on my knees. Moji stood and was looking at me. She was really moved to tears. She came closer to me, asked me to stand up.

She opened her mouth to talk, and what came out surprised me. “Do you think you have anything that can make me have feelings for you?”. . .

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