The painful pleasure episode 42

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I was really surprised when i saw the result. I scored ’11’, while Moji had ’26’. That was the first test result. Moji has shown to be a guru by having the highest score in the department. The scores were bad generally, but 11 is rather on the extreme side. I went to my hostel really sad. I didn’t even know how I was going to face Moji. I wrote post utme thrice to gain admission, but then I failed chemistry test. I’m not really surprised that I failed the test, since I’ve only preoccupied myself with emotional issues from Aramide, to Sandra to Moji. I didn’t tell any of my roommates about my result since results are always confidential. I just kept calm, as I was deeply thinking about the whole thing. At first, I thought of breaking up with Moji, but I can’t just afford to do that.
I saw Moji, she had seen the result already. “It’s fine dear”. Moji said to me. She really encouraged me. I just told Moji how weak I was academically, and Moji became another Aramide for me except for the prayer part. We started reading, preparing very hard for other tests and the exams. I really gained a lot from Moji. She taught me all the topics I found difficult in Chemistry and Physics. She taught me shortcuts of knowing the tough names in zoology. Moji and I were dating, quite alright, but all she did was to shield me and help me to become better academically. Aramide is totally gone, I see her sometimes, but we just wave at each other. As for Sandra, after I paid her money, she left me for good. I believe she got herself a new ‘machine’. Since there were more guys than girls in OAU. Moji was my ‘Aramide’, she became just like Aramide was then. In fact better than her.
My relationship with my roommates suffered. I was always going to read. I was so scared, I didn’t want to carry any course. Moji is really brilliant, and as the Man, I needed to live up to expectations, by doing well academically also. I became sure of myself. I was really ready to face all the exams. To cut the long story short, we wrote all the Exams and we were expecting results. The results came and it was as expected. Except for Chemistry and Physics, where I had 53C and 55C respectively, all other subjects were A’s and B’s. My result was quite good to me, but it’s nowhere near my Moji’s result that has A’s except a ‘B’ in Zoology where she had a C.
It was Part two. Moji and I rented two different apartments in town. (Don’t bother to ask who paid). It was in the same area. My place was just a stone throw from hers. We were always visiting each other regularly. There was a day she came to my place, I kissed her, then I tried to touch her. She refused. “Not until after our wedding”. She said. I quickly apologised to her and promised never to try such again. To be sincere, at that point, I kind of missed Sandra. It really made me stronger. I was once a weak-willed person, but dating Moji made me have a stronger will.
Moji is a Christian too, she goes to church only on Sundays, I decided to join her. We started going to her church. We made church ‘Sunday-Sunday-Tablet’. And our lives were going great. My academic life was going smoothly. I studied really hard. Although, Moji is always having better grades than me. I did all these for the remaining three years.
Soon, Moji and I defended our projects and graduated. Moji was one of the three people that graduated with a first class in our department, and had the second best GP. I just maintained my ‘2.1’ (Second class upper) honours. Luckily for us, we were both posted to Lagos for service.
My mum was really happy. She blessed me, and you know, what else can be expected of her than the ‘get a job and get a wife’ speech. “You know what, my son. You are in a very delicate part of your life. There is something I’ve always wanted to tell you, but I knew it wasn’t time yet. But now, you are old enough to understand me.” She said to me. “Alright mum. I answered her”. She started the talk. . .
What did she tell me?it might not be what you think. Find out in Episode 43

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