The painful pleasure episode 43

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

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“Alright mum”. I said to her. She continued. “Before you react to what I’m about to tell you, think about what I’ve done for you so far.” I didn’t understand what she was saying so I voiced out. “Mummy, I don’t understand what you are saying, but there is something I want you to know; there is nothing you can tell me that can change the way I see you. You’ve done a lot for me, and I appreciate all your efforts, no matter what I give you maami, I can’t pay you enough.” I said to her, pledging my allegiance. “Thank you my son, I’m glad that is coming from you. I should have told you this since you were much younger, but you were too young to conceive it.” She said. I became quite anxious to know what is so big that she had to use so much preamble.

She continued. “When I married Ayo (That was the name of my father that died). We waited for so long, but we didn’t have a child. Then, the doctor tested him, and said that he was sterile. I love him so much, and I want to stay by him. So I suggested that I should find a man, get pregnant for him, and pay him off. So I met a man called ‘Akin’. Akin was my child hood friend. And started an affair with him. My husband pretended he knew nothing about it. After 2 months of the affair, I discovered that I was pregnant. I stopped the affair, and the man left me for good. Since he knew the intention. Dapo, you are that son.” My eyes were filled with tears, they started rolling out. I couldn’t believe that I had been a bastard all the while. The name ‘Dapo Omisakin’ is not actually my name. My mum continued. “Please my son, don’t cry, I can’t afford not having a son. If not that my husband died, I had thought I would never tell you this. But right now, I have to. You are old enough to know the truth.” She said to me.

I was devastated, I was really sad. “Who will I tell my story, how will I explain it”. I said, crying. My mother was crying also. For the first time, I was really angry with my mother. “The only thing that can cause problem is if you don’t show me my real father. I said with so much rage. “My son, the man also died two years after your father died.” She answered. I saw uncertainty in her eyes, but I didn’t want to cause her tears. I knew it there and then that if I told her that she was lying, it will only make her sad. Making my mother sad was the last thing I wanted to do in life. So I just let it go.

Moji and I served in Lagos. We spent almost a year, then we finished the service. The night before we were coming back to Ibadan, Moji came to my one room apartment, this time, I really could not control myself. I told her about it. Immediately after the youth service the next thing was to get a job and get married. Moji allowed me. “You have really tried,” she said. It was the first time with Moji, and Moji’s first time in life (She was a virgin). I was really surprised that she was a virgin, despite the fact that she came from a rich family. My respect for her stepped up, and I was so glad I had Moji in my life.

We came back to Ibadan, and Moji’s dad helped me to get a Job in ‘Fuman’ juice company in Ibadan. My monthly salary was 80,000 Naira, and I was quite comfortable with it. I rented an apartment in Ibadan, and started living as a bachelor. My life was going great. One day, Moji came to me with a white envelope, as she looked quite sick to me. I asked her. “what is wrong with you, why is your face like this.” I said to her. “I was feeing symptoms in my body, so I went to the hospital for checkup. They told me I’m six weeks pregnant.” She answered. . .

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