The painful pleasure episode 44

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The Painful Pleasure (TPP)

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I took the envelope from her, and checked the contents. Pregnancy test was positive. Moji felt somehow about the pregnancy. But as for me, I was really excited. Moji is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, so there is no issue if she gets pregnant for me. “Moji, there is no problem, Okay? My mum will come and see your parents, and we will plan our wedding. We should do it as soon as possible, before you become heavy.” I encouraged her. Moji was as happy as I was. We hugged each other. “Finally I’m going to marry the woman of my dreams”. . .

I got home, and told my mum about the pregnancy. She wasn’t really happy about it, but she didn’t talk much since I’m no longer a child. Moji told her parents too, and a date was picked for the introduction.

The day finally came, my mum, and few of my mum’s extended family members went with us to Oluyole. Moji’s Father’s house was an Edifice. It was a large impressive building. My family members kept looking around in surprise. The man is so rich.

We sat down, some people were already there, waiting for us; the groom’s family. We sat, expecting the brides parent to come and attend to us. Moji’s mother was the first to come. She greeted everybody and went back inside. Moji came out to see me. Her make up artiste had done a really good job. Moji looked just like the angel that she is.

The event was going to start, then Moji’s Father came out. “Akin!!!” My mum shouted. Everyone was looking at my mum in surprise, including me. “Cecilia!!!” Moji’s father called my mum’s middle name. I was really surprised that they know each other so well. “This marriage can never happen!” My mum shouted. I thought my mum had gone insane. She faced Moji’s father. “Akin, you remember that pregnancy, here is the boy!”. Pointing at me. It was then I remembered the story my mum told me. “But she told me Akin was dead”. She had lied to me. It was then it occurred to me, that Moji’s father is also my father, and that Moji is my half-sister.

“Cecilia, you mean one of my children impregnated another, and they are about to get married? I’m doomed. Where in the world is that done? This marriage cannot happen.” Moji’s father (my father) said.

Moji had been hearing the whole conversation. She came out, covered in sweats. Her eyes filled with tears. “You mean Dapo is my brother, and I’m carrying his baby?” Nobody could alter a word. The situation was really critical. I was crying bitterly where I was. Whether culture allows it or not, I had determined that I was going to marry Moji.

Moji’s mum was crying too. She knew the time was not a good time to blame anybody. She was just crying. One of my family members shouted “Eemo re o”. Which means “This is strange.”

Moji ran into her room, her mum ran after her then I followed. “Moji! Moji! Moji!” We were all shouting her name. She didn’t answer us, she entered the room and locked the door behind her. “Moji please open this door! Moji I love you. Moji, nothing can come between us. Please just open this door. I promise to take full responsibility for our child. Please open this door”. All my efforts to plead with Moji were in vain. People came to the door, as they pleaded with her. Her mum had completely lost control.

We had no choice than to break the door. Some men took a rod and after trying several times, the door finally got opened. When we opened the door, we saw Moji’s body lifeless on the floor with a knife in her stomach. She had stabbed herself. She committed suicide. When I saw the body, that was the last thing I could remember.

I opened my eyes then I saw my mum and her brother beside me, I was in a hospital. My mum held my hands and said to me “I’m sorry Dapo, Moji died, and the baby couldn’t have survived it. I cried bitterly. I can remember vividly how we were like brothers and sisters back then in school. I remember vividly how she used to say that we are like siblings and I hated it whenever she said that. “So Moji and I are really siblings, now I have lost the love of my life. Oh death! Where are thy strings! I just want to die. Please help me tell the doctors to kill me.” I shouted so loud. My mum was just pleading with me to calm down and forget about the whole case.

Four weeks later, my mum also died of high blood pressure. I decided never to love anyone again. And up till now that I’m writing this, I am just alone. My Moji is dead. My mum is gone. All I have is a father that showed up late in my life. He is even the last person I want to see. The best times of my life where the times I spent with Moji, but it later brought me pain. At first, I was really happy and my life was going great, but now it resulted in bitterness. It all became A PAINFUL PLEASURE. . .

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