The police and the hacker boy episode 5.

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I couldn’t believe I woke on Monday morning by 7:50 a.m, when I was supposed to be at work 8:00 a.m as a police officer. I quickly stood up and started preparing for work. I live in a face-to-face apartment, so when I went out from my room to take my bath, I saw 6 people(my Neighbours) on a crew who are also waiting to take their bath. I was like, “chaiii, when will I go to work today? I hope my boss won’t send me back home.” After all the waiting, it was finally my turn, I quickly went in to take my bath. In just five minutes, I was done. I hurriedly went back to my room and started preparing myself for work. I went out from my room and was on my way to work, I was actually looking for a bike when I saw a beautiful lady and a mechanic arguing about her car, I didn’t know what they were arguing about though. Damn it; “she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life” I said to myself. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her beautiful face. As a policeman, I walked straight to them and asked them what the problem was. The lady was like “oga policeman! So you have left express road to mechanic shop abi?” I replied her; saying, a police man has the right to settle a fight or argument, and even arrest d persons involved in the act. So if you both are not careful, I will take you to the station. She laughed and said ‘’funny policeman.” I was already blushing by her statement, then I remembered that I was very late for work. I had to end the conversation by just hissing and telling the mechanic that, ‘’if not that I am late for work, I would have dealt with you for arguing with a pretty lady.” She was like ‘’ hmmmm! Police men of nowadays.” I smiled and gently walked away, still searching for a bike. I was shocked when I saw the lady with her car beside me, she asked me if she could give me a lift. “wow….dream cm true” I said to myself. I couldn’t reject her offer. I entered the car and we were both discussing, we even exchanged contacts. She told me her name is Maryam but people calls her mary, I also told her my name is Al-amin but people call me dino. We reached the station, I came down from her car and she told me not to forget to give her a call. I told her not to worry herself. She looked at me for 5 seconds and drove away. My heart was beating for her love, I was already missing her. I walked straight into the station, when my colleague, ‘’Ali’’ told me that my boss has been looking for me. I was so scared to go to him but I had to. I went to the door of his office and knocked. he asked me to come in. I went in with my heart beating out of fear, I was like, ‘’ chaiii! I am finished.” I went in and I saw a man sitting next to him, the man was reporting a case about his account been hacked of 37million naira. My boss called me and introduced me to him, telling him that; he shouldn’t worry himself. This police officer standing in front of you is very intelligent and smart, I am sure he is going to help you arrest the hacker, he is also a yahoo boy. I replied; saying, ‘’oga no o, that was then o.” the man laughed and said, this ur smart boy is handsome, he doesn’t even look like a police officer. He turned to me and told me that his name is Alhaji sale. I also told him that my name is dino. he asked me if I could help him to trace the hacker boy? I smiled and said to him; not to worry himself. if only you can give me the hacker’s phone number, and most importantly, if the account he transferred your money to has not been closed, “that won’t be a problem” he said. I took some informations about him from the bank. I asked him where the informations were, he told me they were in his laptop, if my boss can allow me go with him, he’d show them to me. My boss laughed and said, that won’t be a problem, it’s our duty to help people. He thanked my boss and we both went to his house. When we got to his house, guess who I saw? I saw the love of my life (Maryam). She pretended as if she doesn’t know me, and she gave me a sign to keep shut. I understood her, and was heart broken. I thought the man was her husband. I was in deep in thought; is this man her husband? What do I do if the man is really her husband? I am really in love with her and she can’t be married. Alhaji sale asked me to sit down while he goes in to bring his laptop. He also called Maryam and asked her to get something for me to drink. I was relieved, cause, when he called Maryam, she answered him ‘’yes daddy.” Maryam went to the fridge, and brought out five alive with two meleened cups. She served me the juice, and she also served herself. (chaiii!! If only I can get married to this girl, I said to myself. She asked me some few questions and she also told me that Alhaji sale is her dad, I was very relieved. Her dad came out with the laptop, he showed me the information, and he also gave me the hacker’s number. I asked him for the I.T.R file, he didn’t understood what I.T.R file was. So, he told me to go to his bank manager and ask him if he has it. I replied “ok.” Alhaji sale was like, ‘’prove to me you are very smart by arresting this hacker, I have a nice reward for you if you capture him.” Maryam said; “daddy don’t worry yourself, this officer looks smart, I am 100% sure he is going to trace the hacker, I trust him.” chaiii!! What if the hacker is not in Nigeria? How do I face them and tell them I couldn’t catch him? And how do I even come to ask for Maryam’s hand in marriage? “Does she even love me?” I thought to myself. Alhaji sale suddenly gave me 50,000 naira and told me that; he can spend more than the 37million that was hacked from him, all he want is for me to capture the hacker. I told him not to worry that I will try my possible best. I left his house and went straight to the station, I met my boss coming out from his office. He asked me some few questions, and I also told him I will be needing four boys for investigation the following day. “that won’t be a problem” he said. I went to the office and picked four boys, named; ali, emeka, segun and isabong. Ali was the happiest and smartest and among them, he likes going out for investigation and he is also good in tracking people, but he is not as good as I am. I told them not to come with uniform the next day. The next day, we went to the bank that Alhaji uses, I explained everything to the bank manager. he gave me some other information that will help me in arresting the hacker, and he also showed me the I.T.R file that I will use to track down the hacker and the passport of the hacker from their system. I copied the I.T.R file and passport to my flash and transferred it to my system. “this hacker is not even smart, he didn’t close the account after transferring someone’s money to his account” I thought to myself. Ali told me that if he had closed the account, there is no way we are going to be able to trace him, cause we can trace someone without the I.T.R file, I replied to him; smart boy, I know these three dullards doesn’t know anything about I.T.R file. the manager attending to us laughed out loud, and they felt embarrassed. I actually felt sorry for them, cause I am not used to embarrassing people. We all went back to the station. I went to my office, opened my laptop and started searching for the hacker’s location. After three hours of searching, I successfully found the area he stays in, but not his actual house. He stays at lekki in lagos. I told Ali that; he is coming with me, “I am going with Ali” I said to the four of them. if I go with the four of you, people might be suspicious. Me and Ali both went to a photo store, I showed them the passport and told them to print it out as a picture. After that; we went straight to the bus stop, we didn’t want the stress of a bus, so we decided to take a taxi straight to lekki. I bought a cigarette and hold it as if I was smoking it so that nobody will be suspicious. We both started asking people around if they know him by showing them the picture. After 2hours of searching, we were about going home and planning to come back the next day, when we finally met someo
ne, who claimed to be his friend.

Al-amin (dino) The police man And the hacker boy (PART 2)

After 2hours of searching, we were about going home and planning to come back the next day, when we finally met someone who claimed to be his friend.

Me: please can you take us to his house?
Friend: I can’t just take you to his house, when I don’t know who you are.
Me: (laughed) there is nothing to worry about. Besides, he is my very good friend.
Ali: dino, please let’s just back home, since this guy doesn’t trust us
Me: No, I really need to see him for an important business
Friend: Ok. I won’t take you to his house, the least I can do for you is to call him out
Ali: (getting angry) hey! What do you take us for, do we look like criminals?
Friend: (in a rometary manner) well, criminality is not written on the face. Therefore, I don’t trust u guys.
Me: (Felt like punching him) ok. Just call him for us
Friend: okay, his house is nearby. Who do I say wants to see him?
Me: tell him his best niggor.
Friend: hmmm; okay, follow me, I’ll tell u where to stop. I and Ali followed him until we got to a certain area, where he asked us to wait inside a Snoker game teen. We both went inside and sat down. The place was empty. As were both waiting, a call came to my phone. It was from Maryam.
Me: (picked the call)
Maryam: hello mr officer
Me: (laughed) you know I am still investigating on the hacker, and you are calling me an officer. Do you want people to know I am a police man?
Maryam: (laughed) okay, what do you want me to call you?
Me: call me “mine”
Maryam: (in a skeptic tone) God forbid, a police man can never be mine
Me: (felt embarrassed) hahan, why now?
Maryam: (in an awkward manner) Z. no girl can ever love a police man. If you really need a girl to call u hers, retire from being a police
Me: (very angry) if I retire will u feed me?
Maryam: (laughed) yes, I will get you a better job
Me: (omo, I don hammer; I thought to myself) if I retire, will you become mine?
Maryam: God forbid! Ugly man like you!!
Me: (felt embarrassed and angry) ok. I ended the call. She called me back, but I refused to pick. She kept on calling and calling to the extent that I had to switch off my phone. To my greatest surprise I saw the hacker coming with his friend towards the snoker teen. The greatest mistake I made was; arresting him immediately in front of his friend. I never knew he was innocent. He was trying to tell me that his friend was the person who used his account.
Man: sir, please wait. Before he could finish talking, Ali gave him a very big heavy slap on his head, and also landed another one on is ear, “shut up” Ali said.
Man: (man crying) ok, I will shut up. I felt sorry for him. His friend was already gone. We took the man to the office, he was still crying. I switched on my phone, wanting to call Alhaji sale. I saw lots of texts from Maryam, I ignored them and proceeded to call alhaji sale.
Alhaji sale: hello, who is on the line?
Me: Alhaji, it’s me o; dino.
Alhaji sale: ah dino, this one that you called me, any problem?
Me: not really sir. I have a good news
Alhaji sale: ooh, what is it?
Me: {feeling proud} the man that hacked your account is right here with me
Alhaji sale: what!! Are you serious?
Me: will I be joking with you?
Alhaji sale: wow! I will be there in 30minutes
Me: okay sir. {I ended the call}. So mr man, what do you have to say about about the 37million naira you stole?
Man: sir, I am innocent
Ali: (wanted to hit him) you are what?
Me: Hey Ali! Go outside
Ali: but sir,
Me: (before he could finish talking) shut up. Go outside
Ali: {disappointed} sir, you are too soft on him, how do u want him to confess?
Me: are u referring to me? Hope you know I am your boss for now
Ali: {angry} okay. I am sorry, don’t send me away please. I am tired of that office
Me: {laughed} Ali Ali; lazy man. So mr man you said you are innocent, how?
Man: {still crying} I was trying to tell you something, before this wicked colleague of yours slapped me
Ali: {angry, getting closer to him} let me show you real wickedness
Man: {scared} officer I swear I am innocent
Me: {feeling interrupted by Ali} Ali! I won’t warn you again. If you interrupt me again, I will send you out. My phone rang. And it was a call from Maryam. I picked the call.
Me: {in an angry tone} YES?
Maryam: {laughing} hey dino, don’t tell me you are angry at me because I told you the truth
Me: what truth?
Maryam: that you are ugly now, in fact, you are the ugliest guy I have ever seen in my life
Me: [angrier. The girl I thought I was going to get married to, don’t even have feelings for me. I thought to myself} see Maryam, just stop calling me
Maryam: {laughed} why will I?
Me: {I heard Alhaji sale’s voice} bye, your father is here. I said to Maryam.
Maryam: okay, call me back whenever he leaves
Me: hissed {ended the call}. Alhaji sale was directed to come to where I was
Alhaji sale: is this the criminal? He asked.
Ali: yes he is
Me: he said he is innocent
Alhaji sale: {angry} you are a very stupid criminal. I will deal with you. If u had known who I am, you wouldn’t have hacked my account.
Man: {scared} haaaah, I swear with my life, I am innocent
Alhaji sale: shut up, you criminal
Man: {referring to me} officer, you are the only one who can understand me. Please give me a chance to explain myself.
Me: okay, talk
Man: the guy you sent to call me, is the guy who hacked the account
Me: what?
Man: yes, he told me that his account has been closed, that since I am the only guy he trust, I should give him my account number and the details, a friend of his from u.k wants to transfer 37million naira to him to hold. I never knew he was planning to hack anyone.
Me: so, how do we believe you? I asked;
Man: I still have the receipt of the transfer. We went to the bank and transferred all the money back to his own account, He told me it is his new account, and he only left 100thousand with me.
Me: 100 thousand? In 37 million naira? And yet, you still call him your friend
Man: sir I didn’t know. He told me the money belongs to his friend in u.k
Me: hmmmm, okay
Alhaji sale: so, how do we trace him now?
Man: I don’t know o, since he is now aware that the police are looking for him
Alhaji sale: what? Who told him?
Man: he was the one who directed them to me
Me: Ali you see your life? If u hadn’t over reacted, I am sure we would have come with his friend also. You were just hitting this guy any how, you didn’t even give him a chance to talk
Ali: I am sorry
Me: hissed. Sorry for yourself. My boss walked in, and I explained everything to him
Boss: if you can trace this man, you can also trace the real hacker
Me: {proud} I will try my best sir
Alhaji sale: please do. I will be leaving now, I have an important meeting to attend to. My boss also left.
Me: Ali, you can now go. Ali angrily left. I wanted to gain something from the man as a police officer, you know;
Man: can I go now?
Me: No
Man: but I am innocent. Please release me; I want to help you in tracing the betrayal
Me: you have to bail yourself first
Man: but I thought I saw a sticker which says, bail is free?
Me: {laughed} that one is for fancy
Man: {laughed] so how much?
Me: 10,000 naira
Man: can I give you my ATM, to withdraw for me?
Me:[ {happy} omo I don hammer; I thought to myself} that won’t be a problem. He gave me his ATM, and I went straight to the bank. I withdrew 20 thousand. 10thousand for bailing fee and 10 thousand for transport fee as a police man, you know. On my way back home, I saw an incoming call from Maryam. I picked it.
Me: hello
Maryam: {laughed} ugly boy. Why did you pick my call? I called you by mistake. You know I will never stoop so low to call an ugly police officer
Me: { [getting angry] I was beginning to think I was truly ugly} ok Maryam, cut the call then. It’s not as if you are even pretty
Maryam: {laughed} I am prettier than your girlfriend. Can u even have a girl friend? I don’t think any lady will ever agree to date you or even get married to you
Me: {felt bad} Maryam! Why do you always call me to insult me?
Maryam: insult? I am not the insultive type o. I am just telling you the truth, so that; you will start planning on how to remain single all your life with no wife nor girlfriend.
Me: {angry} see Maryam, the day you will ever call me, I swear; I will deal with u mercilessly
Maryam: {angry} mercilessly? You will deal with me mercilessly right? No problem, I am coming to your office right now. And make sure you deal with me mercilessly
Me: { [laughed] I thought she was joking} come now, it’s like you don’t know who I am. She ended the call. “ this girl wants to threaten a whole officer like me” I said to myself. I went to the station and told the man that I took 20 thousand naira from his account.
Man: what? Just for bail?
Me: will you shut up? Before I change my mind on bailing you
Man: {scared} ok sir
Me: { [happy] I didn’t want my boss to know about the money}. I was about asking him how he is going to help me in tracing the real hacker, when segun came to me and told me that; a lady was looking for me, I became scared. Have confident jhoor dino, it can be Maryam; I thought to myself. I went out to see who the lady was. On my greatest surprise, I saw Maryam.
Maryam: {very angry} so ugly, here I am. Start dealing with me mercilessly. She came closer to me.
Al-amin (dino) The Police Man $ The Hacker Boy [part 3}
Maryam: {very angry} so ugly, here I am. Start dealing with me mercilessly. She came closer to me. “chaiii, I am finished” I thought myself. But as a smart police officer, I changed the whole situation.

Me: {scared} Excuse me, who are you?
Maryam: {shocked} it’s me Maryam. Don’t tell me you don’t know who I am, I am not a fool to fall for that.
Me: please, I don’t know what you are talking about, maybe you are mistaken me for someone.
Maryam: really?
Me: yes. And if you could excuse me, I am kinda busy. I walked away, and went back to the man. I asked him what his name was.
Man: my name is DON.
Me: hmmmm; owk. So DON where do you think I can find the hacker?
Don: I don’t know for now. We both live together, but I don’t think he will continue living with me.
Me: okay, I know what to do. Do u have any of his pictures with you?
Don: yes, I have some of his pictures with me
Me: can you give me his number, and one of his pictures I will use in tracing him?
Don: that wont be a problem. Don gave me the hacker’s number, and asked me to follow him to lekki for the picture.
Me: chaiii, I am tired of going to lekki. I heard a voice from the back
Voice: you are tired of going to lekki because, we aint going together. I turned back and found out that it was Maryam.
Me: Maryam! are you still here?
Maryam: {hissed} no I am there. So; you now remember me right? I never thought you could ever deny me.
Me: { smiling} why won’t I deny you? When you wanted to embarrass me.
Maryam: {laughed} I have always told you, you don’t deserve to be a police officer. You are very clever.
Me: {proud} thank you.
Maryam: hey!! Who told you I was comprehending you?
Me: {felt shy} you have problem.
Don: I am sick and tired of this place.

Maryam: {don’t mind this ugly officer}
Me: Maryam, are you really driving us to lekki?
Maryam: am I your driver? Don’t you know how to drive?
Me: have you seen a clever police man who doesn’t know how to drive?
Maryam: whatever; here is the key. Maryam gave me the key. And I drove the both of them to lekki. Don gave me the picture of the hacker. I was ready to do anything to find the hacker. Me and Maryam left. I was driving us back to apapa, where I work. This is the only opportunity I have to let Maryam know how I feel about her; I thought to myself.
Me: Maryam!
Maryam: {silent}
Me: Maryam!!
Maryam: what!! Do I have to answer, before you know that I heard you?
Me: {silent}. She looked at me and was smiling, saying some romantic words to me. I didn’t answer. When we get back to the station, I came down from the car, and was walking to the station. “I will give you a call” she said. I walked into my phone and was sitting down, when I received a call from Don.
Me: hello Don, how far? “hahaha” Don is gone forever!!
Me: {shocked} who are you?
Unknown voice: I am the hacker!
Me: where is Don?
Hacker: Don is dead!! “hahaha” and you are the next!
Me: {getting angry} I said!!! Where!! Is! Don?
Hacker: {laughed} I said!! Don is dead, I stabbed him.
Me: {angry} I ended the call. I went to Ali, and explained everything to him.

Ali: why don’t we go to lekki to confirm, if what he said was really true? It was already 6pm.
Me: what if it is trap?
Ali: you are right!
Me: don’t worry, lets go, nothing will happen to us. We both went to lekki, and indeed; it was true. Don was murdered by the hacker. I felt sorry for Don. I received an incoming call from an unknown number, indeed; it was the hacker.
Hacker: officer dino, let me warn you. I am not an ordinary human being, I have spiritual powers. And if dare try to find me, I will end you also.
Me: {I couldn’t talk}. I was in deep pain looking at dead Don. “who do you think you are threatening?” I said to the hacker. If you truly have spiritual powers, appear to me now and kill me.
Hacker: well, I am not ready for that. But expect me in your dream this night.
Me: {ended the call} Don’s family came to pick Don. I and Ali went back to apapa. We also said everything to my boss and alhaji sale. We really felt sorry for poor Don. I promise myself to find the hacker, wherever he is. I closed from work and went back home. When I was about to sleep, I received a call from the hacker.
Hacker: dino!! Do think you will see tomorrow?
Me: { [getting scared] “you are dino, why are you scared?” I thought to myself} if I have been destined to see tomorrow by God, there is nothing you can do about it.
Hacker: {laughed} let’s see. He ended the call. Though I was kinda scared, “to be a police man is not easy o” I said to myself. What if the hacker hires assassins to come that night to kill me? “I can’t sleep in this house I said.” I went to an hotel close to my area, and slept there. I woke up by 5:50 a.m the next Morning, and was very happy I was still alive. I decided to go back to my house. When I went back to my house, what I saw really shocked me.


When I went back to my house, what I saw really shocked me. I saw blood stains on the floor, and I became scared. “what happened last night?” I thought to myself. One of my neighbour was coming out from the bathroom, when he say saw me; he greeted me and told me all that happened.
Neighbour: dino, good morning o.
Me: good morning. Please why is there blood stains on the floor?
Neighbour: some armed robbers came to this compound, and wanted to forcefully break your door with a preejator, but some police officers and community men caught them. They were severely beaten by the community men, and was taken away to the station by the police officers. Hmmmmm, “this can’t be the hacker” I thought to myself. I went inside my room and started preparing for work. I was at work at 8:30 a.m. “A late comer as usual.” I went to my office thinking of the only problem I have, “how to arrest the hacker”. Ali came to my house.
Ali: good morning sir.
Me: good morning.
Ali: I have arrested the hacker, he is inside the prison.
Me: {angry} ‘’i wish my two hands can get to the boy’s face, I would have given him a two hand heavy slaps” I thought to myself. So Ali, you are still finding it difficult to understand that, I am now your boss?
Ali: but sir
Me: {before he could finish talking} shut up!! You have the effrontery to enter inside my office, and the first thing you could say to me after greeting me, was to lie to me?
Ali: but sir Maryam
Me: {before he could finish talking} shut up! Ehn;? Maryam what?
Ali: Maryam called me last night, and told me that;
Me: {feeling jealous. I thought Maryam has a crush on him} shut up! What does Maryam has to do with the hacker?
Ali: (frustrated} sir, listen to what I am about to say first.
Me: {angry} I am asking you about the hacker, and you are still telling me about a girl
Ali: (angry} sir, Maryam asked me to come and watch over you last night
Me: shut… what? Watch over me? What for?
Ali: she called me last night and told me that; she couldn’t sleep. I asked her y she couldn’t sleep, and where she got my number from. She told me to forget about how she got my number; that she really needs a favour from me. I asked her what the favour was; she told me that, if the hacker can kill don, he will be able to kill you also, that please, I should assign some of my colleagues to watch over you over the night. I told her not to worry herself; that nothing was going to happen to you. She still insisted. She promised to give us something the next day. I agreed, and informed the other officers about it, they agreed also.
Me: so you mean the armed robbers I thought came to my house last night, was the hacker?
Ali: yes
Me: who even told Maryam that; Don was murdered?
Ali: I don’t know. I guess it’s her father.
Me: okay, you are right. Where is the hacker now?
Ali: he is in the monsh room.
Me: (stood up) okay let’s go to him. We both went to him.
Ali: smart guy.
Me: [happy] hahaha, I thought you are smart. So what happened? Why are you here?
Hacker: (no response)
Me: (laughed) disappear now. Even if you disappear, I will re-appear u back here.
Hacker: (no response). Ali gave him a slap on his mouth, still; he was silent and angry.
Me: (grinned) you are stubborn right? How much is left from the money you hacked?
Hacker: (no response)
Me: Ali, I don’t have time to waste. Go to my office, you will see my water heater. Bring it for me. And come with three boys also.
Ali: water heater? What for?
Me: {laughed} shey the guy they boil? I want to boil his buttocks. I swear I will insert the water heater inside his buttocks. Thank God my water heater is very small and tiny.
Ali: {laughed} dino ooo, you want to kill him? Lets just beat him up, I am sure he is going to talk.
Me: no! that style is expired. Buttocks boiling is the new style. The hacker was looking at me at me. I could feel it that; he was getting scared.
Ali: but, that will injure him. It is better we insert an electric wire.
Me: {laughed} it’s like you want to kill somebody. Go and get me the water heater jhoor. Ali went to bring the water heater, and he came with three boys. There was no light, so I told ali to go and put on the gen.
Ali: no petrol o. I gave him 500 naira to go and get petrol. Ali was about going out to get the petrol, when power supply was restored
Me: {happy} no need for the petrol. Ali gave me back my money.
Hacker: {scared} you don’t have the right to punish me. I am not a murderer, neither am I an hacker.
Ali: you are very stupid for what you just said.
Me: (laughed) so you can now talk? I haven’t even inserted the water heater inside your bum, you are now talking. If I insert it? you won’t only talk; but u will talk true.
Ali: should I plug the water heater on the socket?
Me: {angry} no, don’t plug it. Olodo.
Ali: {Angry}. Ali plugged the water heater, and we were waiting for it to get hot.
Me: you guys should hold him. I asked Ali to pull off the hacker’s trouser
Hacker: { scared} see, I hacked Alhaji Sale’s account, and I am ready to return his money back to him. But I didn’t murder Don.
Me: {laughed} I only plugged the heater, and you have started saying half true, half lie. If I insert it, you will tell me 100% true.
Hacker: okay, I will say the truth. But please send your boys out first. I sent them out, and asked Ali to stay back.
Me: start talking
Hacker: I committed the offence you are accusing me of. I killed Don, and I also hacked Alhaji sale’s account. But please, I don’t want to go to jail, I will pay you any amount. Just close the matter of don please.
Me: are you trying to bribe a police officer?
Hacker: please, I don’t want to go to jail. Please help me.
Ali: my friend; you don’t have a heart, and you want us to help you.
Me: you tried to kill me, and you ain’t even scared to bribe me.
Hacker: I beg you in the name of God, please help me. I know there is no way I am going to prove to you that I didn’t want to kill Don. I swear, I was forced to
Me: forced to kill Don? By who?
Hacker: by Alhaji sale.
Ali: {laughed} see this idiot is trying to play with our intelligence.
Me: Ali, go and get back those boys. I have to deal with this boy. I touched the water heater to see if it was hot.
Hacker: I swear with my generation. I am telling you the truth. Alhaji sale is a criminal, And his account wasn’t hacked by anybody.
Me: {shocked} what are you saying?
Hacker boy: believe me.
Ali: do you think we are that dumb to believe your?
Hacker boy: okay wait, who tried to trace me with I.T.R file?
Me: hmmm, I am the one.
Hacker boy: tracing me was easy. I purposely made you to think that I stay in lekki. I don’t stay in lekki, don stays in lekki. It was all a coup. If you can go back to your system, you will see that the I.T.R file, is not really and I.T.R file.
Me: yeah, I thought of that, but; I just skipped the thought.
Hacker boy: please I don’t want to go to jail, help me.
Me: tell me about Alhaji sale.
Hacker boy: if I tell you about Alhaji sale, will you help me?
Me: {took the heater} “pull off his trouser” I said to Ali.
Hacker boy: I will tell you everything, but please help me.
Me: {phone ringing} ‘’excuse me” I said to the hacker. Hello, who is on the line?
Phone: its me Alhaji sale.
Me: hah; Alhaji Good morning
Hacker boy: (whispered) don’t tell him I’m here with you
Alhaji sale: morning o. I just called to asked you about the case. Any progress??
Me: yes o, I have even gotten his address. I was already on my way to arrest him; when you called
Alhaji sale: you are too smart. You know what?
Me: what?
Alhaji sale: Just forget about him. I don’t longer care about him, nor the money.
Me: sir, it’s my to arrest him, to save other people from being hacked.
Alhaji sale: {disappointed} okay, if you still insist. He ended the call.
Me: hacker boy, where is your phone?
Hacker boy: it’s with this man over here.
Me: Ali, go and get me his phone. Hurry up. Ali went to bring his phone, and I saw a missed call from Alhaji sale on the hacker’s phone. “why did Alhaji came to report this matter to us?”I thought to myself. He called again, then I gave the phone to the hacker boy, and told him to put it on loudspeaker.
Hacker boy: Oga, good morning
Alhaji sale: throw away your sim and phone, and run to Abuja. The police are after you.
Hacker boy: what? Okay sir, I will.
Alhaji sale: when you get to Abuja, get a new phone and a new line; and call me immediately, We have to talk
Hacker boy: okay sir, I will. He anded the call
Me: (confused) why did Alhaji came here to report the case on the first place?
Hacker boy: it’s a long story
Me: tell me everything.

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy {part 5}

Me: {confused} why did Alhaji sale Came here to report the case on the first place?
Hacker boy: it’s a long story.
Me: start telling me everything. The hacker boy dipped his hand into his boxers, and brought out something. “What’s that?” I asked him. I saw myself lying down in the munch room. When I stood up, the only thing I could remember was when he sprayed what he was holding on me and Ali’s face. Ali was still sleeping unconsciously. I knew the hacker boy must have escaped. I was very angry that Ali was still lying down unconsciously. I angrily slapped him to wake up.
Ali: what happened? Why am I lying down?
Me: hmmmm, that hacker boy is dangerous o.
Ali: that chemical powder he sprayed on us, is very strong o.
Me: that must be the reason why he asked the other officers to go out.
Ali: but how did he scale through them?
Me: you think everyone is as dull as you are.
Ali: so what do we do now?
Me: I think we should go to Alhaji sale’s house.
Ali: to do what?
Me: to arrest him now.
Ali: for what offence? What evidence do we have?
Me: I don’t care. Let’s just go.
Ali: how sure are you; that the hacker wasn’t lying to us?
Me: were you not here, when he called me and asked me to suspend the case?
Ali: he asked you to suspend the case because; he doesn’t want the hacker to murder anyone else.
Me: shut up. Okay, what about when he called the hacker, and asked him to run to Abuja?
Ali: did you check the number? How sure are you that Alhaji sale was the one speaking? You don’t know hackers, it might just be a plot to frame Alhaji sale.
Me: I don’t care. I will have to investigate on Alhaji sale, and we are going to his house right now.
Ali: we don’t have to go to his house to arrest him; we can investigate on him secretly.


<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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