The police and the hacker boy Episode 9.

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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy [part 9] The next day morning, I went to his house with a scary mind. I went into his compound, he was standing in his corridor staring at me; I was very scared of dying to the extent that, I started confessing my sins to God, and asking him to forgive me. He asked me to come inside. When I went inside, I saw him sitting down in his parlour.
Alhaji sale: have a seat.
Me: {scared} where is the hacker boy?
Alhaji sale: his name is not hacker boy, his name is romeo.
Me: okay, where is romeo?
Alhaji sale: this is my house, not romeo’s house.
Me: okay, where is Don?
Alhaji sale: forget about Don for now.
Me: what did you ask me to come to your house for?
Alhaji sale: to make you a responsible man.
Me: I am already a responsible man.
Alhaji sale: I want to make you a rich responsible man.
Me: and how do you intend to make me rich?
Alhaji sale: by linking you to my business
Me: well, I don’t know the kind of business you deal on, so I will be grateful; if you give me full details about your business.
Alhaji sale: do you want to insult me?
Me: no. I just don’t understand why you came to the police station to lie.
Alhaji sale: who did I lie to?
Me: you lied to my ex-boss, and you also lied to me. you told me your account was hacked.
Alhaji sale: forget about the past, and focus on your future.
Me: I am focusing on my future, I just want to know who you really are.
Alhaji sale: are you trying to insult me?
Me: {angry} No, I am not trying to insult you. I am a good muslim, and I don’t want to involve myself in any bad business.
Alhaji sale: [angry] so I am dealing on bad business?
Me: I didn’t say so sir, I only want you to tell me the kind of business you deal on, and why you came to report to the police, that your account was hacked.
Alhaji sale: what’s your business with that? Are you still a police officer?
Me: No
Alhaji sale: don’t ever ask me why I came to the police station to report that my account was hacked.
Me: I am just respecting you because Maryam. I stood up and wanted to leave his house, when Alhaji sale called 2 huge men.
Alhaji sale: scorpion! Hook!! They both came out.
Me: “should I fight them or run?” I thought to myself.
Alhaji sale: you 2 should go outside the gate, if you see this idiot boy coming out, make sure you injure him very well, but don’t kill him. They both went outside the house.
Me: {angry} gosh. I removed the polo I was putting on with an angry face
Alhaji sale: {laughed} this boy you won’t kill me.
Me: you don’t know me. I swear I will injure them.
Alhaji sale: {laughing continuously}
Me: if not for Maryam, I don’t think you will have the mouth to laugh now, I would have removed all your teeth I swear.
Alhaji sale: you are a fool. Go and fight them now, shey you are strong. I went out of the house and saw both of them standing half miles before the gate. I started running with speed wanted to scale out through the gate. One of his boys also ran to the gate, which made me to stop running. I heard Alhaji sale laughing like a mad man from his corridor. “should I go back to Alhaji sale?” I thought to myself. I decided to fight with the first man, but he was very big and was already winning. Alhaji sale was still laughing. I didn’t want to get beaten, because I hate wounds. A thought just came to my mind. I went to the back of Alhaji’s compound, Since they were two, one will surely come from the right. But the second man was still waiting at the gate, I only saw the first man coming from the right direction. I ran as I fast as I could to the left and was heading to the gate with speed. The man at the gate was walking towards my direction, when I got closer to him, I jumped very high, and laid my two hands on his shoulder, and I somersaulted to his back. “wow, I wish Maryam was here to see this” I thought to myself.,I opened the gate, and started running like a criminal. When I turned back to see if they were following me, I saw a car moving with speed to my direction. “it’s not over o” I thought to myself.

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