The police and the hacker boy part 8.

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The next day morning, we went to Alhaji sale’s street, and we were both waiting outside for him to come out. Suddenly, we saw the hacker boy driving Alhaji sale out of his compound.
Don: how do we kidnap him now?
Me: don’t be scared, I am going to hit the hacker boy very hard on his head.
Don: okay, I pray it works. We used the car to block the road, and hid back of a fence. When the hacker boy got to the place where we packed the car, he came down from the car, and was wondering who parked the car along the road. I and Don hurriedly went to where Alhaji sale was sitting down, we tried to open to the door but it was locked. When the hacker boy saw us, he hurriedly came back into the car and brought out that sleeping powder. As a sharp guy, I knew he wanted to spray it on me and Don. I wanted to inform Don, but it was too late. I bent down and ran away from the hacker boy. Don has already inhaled the chemical, I wanted to go back and pick him up from the floor, but I didn’t want the hacker boy to spray it on me also. Alhaji sale came out from the car, and took Don inside with him.
Me: what do you want to do with him?
Alhaji sale: come let me tell you what I want to do with him.
Me: I am not a fool. The hacker boy was heading to my direction; I hurriedly went into Don’s car and drove away. I decided to lounge an hotel, because my house is not longer safe for me to live in. I called Alhaji sale, and begged him not to harm Don.
Alhaji sale: what were the both of you up to?
Me: we were up to nothing, We just wanted to beat you up.
Alhaji sale: {laughed} okay, I am going to do the same to Don.
Me: it was all my fault, please forgive him.
Alhaji sale: okay, come to my house tomorrow.
Me: “see this man o, so he wants to kill me also” I thought to myself. I can’t come to your house
Alhaji sale: why?
Me: I don’t trust you.

Alhaji sale: see dino, come to my house tomorrow. We have to talk.
Me: I can’t come to your house, because I am not ready to die.
Alhaji sale: if you really want me to give my daughter to u, come to my house tomorrow
Me: {shocked} how did you know there is something between me and Maryam?
Alhaji sale: come to my house, I will explain everything to you.
Me: NO! if you really want me to come to your house, then you have to tell me how you knew there is something between me and Maryam.
Alhaji sale: okay, her line is hacked by me. So anybody she speaks to on phone, is automatically recorded on my laptop when it’s switched on, and also on my phone.
Me: why would you do such a thing? You are a bad father. So she can’t have her own privacy again?
Alhaji sale: it’s part of the plan.
Me: what plan? You are planning to kill me right? It won’t work. “should I report this case to the police? Or should I just go to Alhaji sale’s house” I thought to myself. Alhaji sale called me several times, but I didn’t pick his calls. I was lost in thought, I didn’t know what to do. I decided to call the hacker boy, and begged him not to kill don.
Hacker boy: nobody is going to kill Don.
Me: but you tried to kill him the other time.
Hacker boy: I didn’t try to kill Don, it was only a plot to deceive you.
Me: you are also trying to deceive me now right? I am not a fool.
Hacker boy: {laughed} I am not deceiving you; I am telling you the truth.
Me: shut up, you are a learner. [I ended the call] I switched off my phone, and slept for 3 hours. When I woke up, I switched on my phone, and I saw a message from an international number, which says; “hey Al-amin, it’s me your love. I tried to call you, but your phone was switched off. Please call me back when you see my message.” I went out to get a recharge card to call Maryam. I called her three times, but she didn’t pick. 20 minutes later, I saw an incoming call from the same number. [i picked the call] Maryam: hello darling.
Me: I am angry o.
Maryam: why? Is it because I didn’t pick your calls?
Me: yes.
Maryam: sorry dear, I wasn’t with me phone.
Me: where were you? You were with all those white handsome guys abi? I know you will soon forget about me.
Maryam: Al-amin come on, don’t say that. You know I love you more than myself.
Me: {laughed} you can’t love someone more than yourself
Maryam: but me, I love you more than myself.
Me: okay, I love you more than myself too.
Maryam: okay dear. So how is work
Me: no work o.
Maryam: {laughed} what do you mean by no work? Or are you shy of your job?
Me: no, I have been sacked.
Maryam: sacked? what for?
Me: it’s a long story.
Maryam: I am even happy. I have always wanted you to retire.
Me: {laughed} so you are my enemy?
Maryam: my dad already told me that you have been sacked; he said he wanted to give you a job but you declined his offer. Why?
Me: “see this Alhaji sale trying to claim smart man o” I thought to myself. I was angry then.
Maryam: you claim to love me, but yet, you don’t respect my dad.
Me: Maryam I am sorry?
Maryam: {hissed}
Me: “should I tell this girl everything? Will she believe me? no she won’t, I will only cause trouble between me and her” I thought to myself. I will never disrespect your dad.
Maryam: promise?
Me: I won’t promise, but believe me.
Maryam: okay, I will call you later.
Me: okay bye. [She ended the call] I decided to call Alhaji sale.
Alhaji sale: so you’ve decided to call me.
Me: why did you lie to Maryam?
Alhaji sale: that’s the only way to get you to come to my house.
Me: sir, I am very sorry for everything I said to you; please just forgive me. why are you still trying to kill me, when you know the relationship between me and Maryam?
Alhaji sale: dino! You are now like a son to me, stop being scared of me. I want you to come to my house tomorrow morning.
Me: okay, I will come.
Alhaji sale: yes son, I will be expecting you. I ended the call. I decided to trust Alhaji sale a little bit. The next day morning, I went to his house with a scary mind.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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