The police and the hacker boy season 2 episode 11

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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 11 {SEASON2}
Don: I will tell you everything
Me: ok tell me
Don: just call her and tell her you need some money to start your own business Me: how will I just call her and tell her to give me money for business?
Don: tell her you really need to marry her; she will fall for that and give the money to you immediately
Me: hmmmm don!
Don: guy be smart now
Me: ok I will tell her maybe a month time
Don: why do you want to waste time?
Me: she just came back from Canada I don’t want to disturb her Don: you are not disturbing her; her father is the one giving you the money not her Me: forget about that, we will talk about it later
Don: okay no problem. I and don went home forgetting to go to the market to get some ingredients to cook, that night we had no choice but to buy garri. We both drank garri before going to bed. Around 12:18am in the midnight, I saw an incoming call from Maryam. When I picked the call, she was talking in a low a tone.
Maryam: hello Al-amin
Me: what is it? Why are you talking like this?
Maryam: some gangs are in my house threatening to kill my dad Me: {shocked} are you serious? What for?
Maryam: yes. Please call the police, I would’ve called them but I don’t have any of their number Me: don’t panic, I will be there now
Maryam: come with the police
Me: don’t worry. ##i ended the call## I woke don up and told him everything Don: are you sure Alhaji sale ain’t into something? Maybe she planned it with Maryam to trap us
Me: I know Maryam, she can’t do that
Don: are you sure it’s her
Me: I am 100% sure it’s her
Don: okay let’s call the police then
Me: we won’t call the police, maybe it’s concerning their business, let’s not expose them Don: you are right! So what are we going to do?
Me: let’s just sneak to the house and see what is happening Don: what if we get killed
Me: be brave let’s go. I and don jogged and ran to Alhaji sale’s house. On getting there, Maryam called us and asked me where I was? I told her not to worry herself.
Maryam: {crying} Al-amin be fast please they will kill him Me: Maryam trust me
Maryam: ok. ##i ended the call## I and don sneaked inside the compound, the gate wasn’t locked. We also tried to sneak inside Alhaji sale’s apartment, but on my greatest surprise, I saw Romeo dragging Alhaji sale out from the house like a child. I and don hid because he was with some men and they were with weapons. We couldn’t do anything. I saw romeo took Alhaji sale away with his car, but I couldn’t do anything. As they left, Maryam came out crying and trying to call me. When she called me, she heard my phone ringing and was shocked. I and don came out from where we were hiding
Maryam: {shocked} what are you both doing here?
Me: we wanted to help you, but we couldn’t do anything
Maryam: where is the police?
Me: we didn’t come with any police
Maryam: {suspicious} you didn’t call the police? Now I get it, so because of the fight you had with my Dad yesterday that was the reason you sent some gangs to kidnap him right Don: why will you say that? We were both sleeping when you called him Maryam: lies! I am not a kid. Okay, why were the both of you hiding?
Me: we were hiding from them because they were with weapons Maryam: trash! I told you some gangs are trying to kill my Dad; there is no way you are going to come here alone if you don’t have a hand in this
Me: see maryam suspecting us won’t solve the problem
Maryam: don’t worry; informing the police will solve the problem Me: maryam come on, we don’t have a hand in your father’s kidnap. She went back into the house before I could even finish talking.
Don: {shouted} hey! we don enter!!. Dino, see the way your girlfriend wants to put us in trouble
Me: don’t worry I will talk to her. We knocked at the door calling maryam to open the door, but she refused. We tried everything we could to make her open the door, but we didn’t hear a word from her
Don: we are finished
Me: don’t worry I’ll talk to her tomorrow, she is just too angry today let’s go Don: I hope so. I and Don went back home, but we couldn’t sleep.
Don: this girl might report us to the police o
Me: don’t worry, she won’t. Had it been it was you alone she would’ve reported, but the love she has for me won’t let her report
Don: does she love you more than her Dad
Me: we have different types of love. The love she has for me will make her trust me and believe I can’t kidnap her dad
Don: I just hope so. The jail we’ve both been running from I pray it doesn’t come. What if romeo kills Alhaji sale?

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