The police and the hacker boy season 2 episode 14

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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 14 {SEASON2}
Don: thank you sir
Me: {smiling at Don} we were released from the police station. I and Don went home. Few minutes later, I heard a knock at my door.
Don: who is at the door?
Voice: it’s maryam.
Me: what do you want?
Don: behave urself Alamin. Don stood up and opened the door for maryam.
Maryam: I went to the police station to give the both of you food, but I was told you’ve been released
Don: yeah. Al-amin’s boss came to release us
Maryam: okay. Here is a food I brought for the both of you, one for you and the other for Alamin. Maryam gave Don his own food and brought mine to me.
Maryam: I know you are hungry
Me: I am not
Maryam: come on dear, I didn’t know what came over me, I am very sorry please. I know I should have trusted you but I messed up, please forgive me because of the love we had Me: {laughed} funny girl
Maryam: let me feed you
Me: you are not serious
Maryam: come on, don’t be shy
Me: I am not shy, I just want to feed myself
Maryam: no! no!! no!!! you won’t feed yourself
Me: no! no!! no!!! I will feed myself
Maryam: Al-amin should I start begging you?
Me: {laughed} don’t even start that your begging
Maryam: you know we’ve never been together this way, why do you want to spoil the mood?
Me: okay I’ve heard you maryam. Maryam fed me and I also fed her. We discussed and played with each over for over 4hours before she left home. 2hours after maryam left, my boss called me and I picked.
Boss: hello
Me: Good afternoon sir
Boss: morning dino, hope you know we’ve to capture the kidnappers who kidnapped Alhaji sale, so you’ve to resume tomorrow
Me: sir actually, I resign from being a police officer, but i will only help in investigating on the kidnappers and after that I will resign
Boss: hmmm dino, why do you want to resign? Do you’ve another job?
Me: no sir, but I am still searching
Boss: why don’t you wait till you get another job before you resign?
Me: let’s wait for the time to come
Boss: okay bye. That night maryam called me and I picked Maryam: my dearest
Me: how are you?
Maryam: I am fine but missing you
Me: me too
Maryam: I will come to your place tomorrow
Me: ok no problem
Maryam: what about the kidnappers
Me: I will start the investigation tomorrow
Maryam: ok thanks
Me: incase he calls you don’t tell him I am investigating on the matter Maryam: okay
Me: I need you to check your father’s phone and search for romeo’s phone number Maryam: ok I will go and check now. I will call you when I see it Me: okay. ##i ended the call##
Don: dino, I want the both of us to investigate this matter together Me: are you a police officer?
Don: I just want it like that; please talk to your boss when you get to work tomorrow Me: which work? I am not a police officer anymore; I just want to investigate on the matter. I will never put on a police uniform
Don: {laughed} that’s how it is now, investigators don’t put on uniform Me: yeah I know
Don: so are we investigating together?
Me: we are going to be three people investigating on the matter, me, you and Ali. I am sure you know Ali
Don: yes, the both of you were the ones who came to arrest me right?
Me: {laughed} yes. Investigation starts tomorrow
Don: ok. After some minutes, I saw a text on my phone from maryam, she sent me romeo’s phone number. I called her to tell her I have seen the number Maryam: please Al-amin try your best don’t let him kill my dad Me: don’t worry, he won’t kill him everything will be alright Maryam: I believe you, bye
Me: bye

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Don: you didn’t add love to the bye why?
Me: {laughed} we were talking about investigation not love Don: okay o, so what’s the plan?
Me: we will call romeo and ask him if he knows the type of job Alhaji sale has for us Don: and then what?
Me: from there we will try to meet him
Don: are you sure it’s going to work?
Me: let’s just try
Don: okay now. The next day morning by 11A.M, I called Romeo Me: hello
Romeo: hello, who is this?
Me: it’s me Dino
Romeo: have you and don been released? I was thinking of coming to release the both of you Me: how come you didn’t know we’ve been released?
Romeo: I was not in town, I travelled to Abuja
Me: okay, but you are back now right?
Romeo: yes, what do you want?


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