The police and the hacker boy season 2 episode 16

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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 16 {SEASON2}
Maryam: you know I love you more
Me: it’s okay before we start arguing, bye. We went back to the store to check the pad lock to see if it has been opened. When we got back there, we saw one of Alhaji sale’s workers with some men, he wanted to sell Alhaji sale’s the warehouse to them Don: how will they sell his warehouse without the document?
Me: I have been trying to understand the reason why someone locked Alhaji sale’s compound from the outside but now I understand
Don: what happened? What do you understand?
Me: give me a minutes let me call maryam. I called maryam Maryam: hello Al-amin
Me: maryam, where does your father usually keep all his documents?
Maryam: they are all inside his room
Me: please check if they are all there
Maryam: okay I will check now
Me: call me back when you check
Maryam: okay. ##i ended the call##
Me: don. I think they want to sell all Alhaji sale’s property Don: why do you say so?
Me: I think when maryam came to the police station; all Alhaji sale’s documents were stolen by the kidnappers. They locked his gate maybe because they didn’t know maryam was back from canada
Don: what? Al-amin you are right
Me: let’s just wait for maryam to call and before that; we’ve to arrest this guy in secret, without allowing Romeo to know
Don: how are we going to arrest him in secret?
Me: don’t worry. I called my boss and asked him to send some boys to the location I was. I told him a man is trying to sell one of Alhaji sale’s properties Don: this case is serious as I thought, see the way this people wants to finish Alhaji sale Me: if not because of maryam I wouldn’t have been here wasting my time trying to help him Don: don’t you know if we finish helping him he is going to get us a job?
Me: which good job does he have?
Don: he can also give us some money to start a business.
Me: I don’t care about that; I just want to get married to maryam Don: why hasn’t she called since?
Me: let me call her. I try to call maryam but her phone was switched off Don: don’t you think she has been kidnapped also
Me: nobody can kidnap my maryam. Let’s go to her house quicky. We both went to Alhaji sale’s house to see maryam but the gate was locked from the outside Don: what do you think happened?
Me: there are only two things involved. Its either maryam was kidnapped and her phone was switched off by the kidnappers. Or she couldn’t find the documents, so she tried to call me but her battery was down so she went to my house
Don: this is serious. Let’s go back home to see if we will find her Me: I am sure the police men will be in the place i directed my boss to direct them to. Let me call him to tell them to arrest both the seller and the buyer Don: but why?
Me: they don’t know who the seller is, so for him not to escape, let them just arrest them all.
When I get to the station, the rest will be bailed.

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