The police and the hacker boy season 2 episode 6

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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 6 {SEASON2}
Don: yes we will
Me: let’s just go and see the specific job he has for us. By 11pm we left my house heading to Alhaji sale’s house. We had to go by leg because we didn’t have enough money.
Don: what if we go and see Maryam at home?
Me: nothing will happen now
Don: [laughed} do you know we can use this girl to make money?
Me: even if I am to use her to make money it will be me and not we, because I don’t share my property with someone. And still, I can’t use my girl to make money. I will make money for me and her and not to use her to make money for we
Don:[laughed] Dino, you are very jealous o. but on a serious note, you know she loves you a lot she can’t give you five million naira to start a business Me: go and meet your babe
Don: come on, Alhaji sale loves her so much he will give five million naira to her if she asks for it.
I am not saying you should use and dump her, all I saying is that you should use her to get money from Alhaji sale that’s all
Me: in all the things you are saying, there is “use” in it and I don’t use girls Don: you ain’t using her; you are using her dad through her. Common be wise Me: how will I even ask her for five million? I can’t
Don: don’t worry when she comes back from Canada we will talk about that Me: let me even call her, before she will start saying I don’t call her. I dialed maryam’s phone number and called her
Maryam: why did you call me? I thought you were angry?
Me: {laughed} I have even forgotten that we even had an argument Maryam: okay now that I have reminded you, bye
Me: {laughed} but I want to hear your voice
Maryam: no, I don’t want to hear your voice and don’t hear my voice Me: whose voice will I hear if I don’t hear your voice? See Maryam you better tell me when you will be coming back to Nigeria and stop the rubbish
Maryam: so what I am saying is rubbish?
Me: see Maryam I am serious, when will you be coming back to Nigeria?
Maryam: I don’t know
Me: Maryam!
Maryam: I said I don’t know
Me: ok please tell me when you will be coming back to Nigeria Maryam: I don’t know
Me: so you ain’t telling me your love? If you don’t tell me who will you tell?
Maryam: you said I am saying rubbish so why should I tell you?
Me: okay sorry dear, so when will you be coming back to Nigeria?
Maryam: guess
Me: oooh Maryam, forget this guess of a thing now

Maryam: if you don’t guess I won’t tell you
Me: okay fine don’t tell me, and if you come back don’t even talk to me or call me, infact forget about me
Maryam: {laughed} if I come back to Nigeria I will hug you and kiss you for a full day Me: I won’t allow you since you refused to tell me when you will be coming back Maryam: I will just murder you, me and my body again you said you won’t allow me to hug it Me: just tell me when you will be coming back I want to prepare a special gift for you Maryam: guess
Me: {angry} bye. I ended the call. she called me 7 times but I refused to pick her calls Don: pick your call now, why are you forming for the girl? Don’t make her leave you o! you know we need the five million naira from her
Me: please just stop telling me rubbish. We are close to Alhaji sale’s house, so stop talking about her there might be camera everywhere
Don: {laughed} you are very funny o, is Alhaji sale a ritualist? How will he be recording our conversation from out side
Me: you don’t know him

To be continued

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