The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 10

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Episode 10
*****I hold her firmly and knack her hard****
Sometimes I would deep my d*ck inside her p*nany sooo taaaaay to feel the bottom of her c*nt.

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Some time I would increase the thrust. Rather, it is lik I was continue to put parafin into flame for ibidun.

***Hmmmm, ‘this gal done drug’ was all my mind keep murmurimg , even though I can’t do anything on my own. Even though, I also was on the influence of alcoholic***
** I stood up and turned her around in form of doggy-style. Best way to make stubborn girl to cry.***

Hope, that way, she would be complaining to me of letting go for the day. Rather she was contiune to ask for more. While in actual fact my cum refuse to come. I was groaning in pain, while ibidun was moaning in pleasure. That day I made up my mind that I won’t never take joven mixed with lacasera again. But not until when I took it to level of taking Vega when I met monica and dorchas. But the case of dorchas is for another day.

I don’t want to quit by saying; I am not doing any more. And there, ibidun was going to take every actions and reaction of the best shot of my life by herself.

****Thank God, i feel cum coming**** It has become national anthem for me to moan when I was about to cum. ***probably, I think almost every guys doing that for the sake of pleasure***. But the sound I made this time was no pleasure, but rather, in form of painful excruciating one. As I cream ontop of my voice:

Me: ***streching my body and expanding like crystal*** haaaaaaaa, haaaaaAaaa, ahaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaa, and my body become stiff in motion. I laid down there for over thirty minutes, until when ibidun pronounced that I should start going cause either her sister or her sister’s husband could be coming home any moment after the period we are together.

As I was going home. If anyone see me, they would rather thought or felt that perhaps trailer ran over me and smashed my body into piece with the way I was looking paralyze and dejected. Not knowing that there are people who could be referring to as iron-body like that of trailer.

Fast forward……
I was at home taking the nap. Ibidun beeps me if I was already at home. I couldn’t reply cause I didn’t have enough energy to make any such movement. By 10:00am in the night, I got a strange wasapp message from unknow number.

Unknown: ***whsapp message*** hi

I ignored the message, cux the picture of the onwer yet to dispaly.
It later sent another message by sayin:

Unknwn:***whatsapp msg*** I didn’t see you through out today. Hope nothing happened?

I refreshed my whatssap contacts, then the pix came on. I look at the pix and d face seem familiar.

I replied;

me: yea, I went out. And pls, who’s this?

Unkwn: it is me, Dorchas”

Me: oooh, how you doing?

Dorchas: fine.

Me: but this is not ýour no and the profile pix as well?

Dorchas: I am making use of my sister phone.

Me: which of your sister?

Dorchas: the one you see the other time.

Me: oh that one! have you told her what I sent you?

Dorchas: ofcourse. I would hand over to her soon. And I which I see you before you go to school. Brother floxy tell me you will be off to school tomorw.

Me: yea: but I may see you before I go?

Dorchas: which time are you going?

Me: by 12:00pm tommorw

Dorchas: **silent**I would stil be at school by that time.

The same Dorchas is a secondary school of queen college in ibadan. Even though, She is posh, with killer body and a very understanding girl. Yet, she probably a kind of girl I would hand over to our last born because of difference in age.

*****A minute later, another message come in with d same no;*****

Number: nice meeting you brother j-tee. It is monica.

Me: hooo, so you are Dorchas’s sister?

Monica: yea.

Me: hmmmm… Fine girl lookin S£xy. How you doin?

Monica: am doin fine.

Me: you are so posh. That day I saw you heeeen, I done die. I so much trip for you.

monica: ** sent giggling symbol** hmmmm.. Am flatter.
+++hern, hern, …oro n boro bo+++

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