The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 11

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Episode 11
The following day finally come. I picked my bag and on my way to unilag. I connected challenge to lagos. Through out my journey. Ibidun was disturbing me with calls, while I was also chating with monica and floxy at the same time. After over 4hrs of journey couple with times spend in lagos core was no child play. As I dropped in front of unilag gate. I was Amazed to see diference features of girls ever seen before. Girls of diference ukwu; both slim and lanky were just passing by. I had fun of my life. For every shape of ladies passing by, my di¢k signaled. As I found my way to buss-stop and waited patiently for my uncle son who is living in Abj to come and pick me to my hostel. He helped me do all the reg. The last time I came for my CBT, students were in holiday. I was surprise to see the fine-fine girls go up and down. Some follow guys in arm-candy, while some passing in solo mood. I stylish collected a girl number at the bus-stop and gave her mine too. The girl is called tope. She is fresher like me too and from ogun state. Even though she is not a type girl i would like to spent much time on to be begin with. Yet, game starts somewhere. Then, I promised to call her immediately I settle down.

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Fast forward….
Getting into institution, I begin not to understand myself any more. My body was just craving for S£x, sometime against my own wish. I really don’t know the fountain of such urge. All i know is that if I have it today, i would like to have it tomorrow. but, less did I know that ****I was once stooge, but women are the discotheque passel of piece digress one feet. Difficult to understand, but yet too full for thought.
Some say money rule the world, other say woman is… A few will say money is the root of evil, much will say woman is… And as arguable as that assumption might be. It is unarguable, and undeniable just the part between a woman could be a bless castle of hell. through a tiny path, man genuine to murder, and through that same path a man genuine to hell. ****Yet, Only a geld somebody will see beautiful damsel and sift the eyes… Unilag babes are just tooo TOSH to simply put****

I had finished with my registration and assigned an hostel. My room mate is called tayo. We both are 2 sides of coin. I will dwell on what I mean as d story is on. ***the story of two boys living under a roof. One funds of bleeping the real and one funds of bleeping ethereal****

Two weeks gone by in the school, I’m still a novice. But I have managed to collect over 5 negresses no. The first 1, I met her during my queue for registration. Another 1 was a student of statistic. We came across wen we were craving for transport to class. The rest was just a girls met either eatery or on the road.

I stil have not know hw to go about it. 3 weeks in school I can’t take hold to myself again. I think I have bin influence with my S£xcapade at home. Every night ibidun would also make matter worst. She would begin to do S£x chat with me. Asking me what I put on. How I slept. Would I send a pix of myself only on boxer? Hope I haven’t had S£x with other woman? How she does get horn in the mid-night…. These are the wrds I normal battle with before I sleep. I would S£x-chat with ibidun until my boxer soak. This got me in mood till I finaly begin to contemplate how I will take benita the student of statistic, living in madam tinubu Hall. I would go to his hostel in the day and asked her to pay me a visit. The only tin I discovered about those girls is that they don’t wan to come to male hostel. May be because of their wayward habit with other guys in the school or they are afraid of meeting their toaster on the way to other.

But As an adage depicts; “bi won se se laye, ni won se lorun”***as they do on earth, so they do in heave****. Who would ever thought that those ladies are also in mood of making S£x with guys because of their bereft of getting it and over staying out of it. Only an intelligent man would quickly find out how woman could be tailed in that manner.

+++++ If you want to tail a woman ask her to com to you house(hotel), if she decline after several atempts. Stop visiting her during the day. i.e, go to her place by night with the mood of achieving a certain aim best knwn to urself. I did that to Benita and I gained a lot.++++.

This is how I arived to this assumption:

****stay tune, don’t go away…******

+++++ school life naa.… me too want to drink and no go pay. I want to faaji and do some crazy++++++

!!!!!!Na my life, no part two… who dey fooooool for school??? You be mumu!!!!!!

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