The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 12

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Episode 12
I stay very close to garden in 1 dark corner. I placed my phone on call. After 2 seconds it went through;

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Benita:***on phone*** helo!

Me: hw u doin sweetheart

Benita: how many time have I warned you to stop calling me sweetheart?

Me: +++socked+++

Benita: what if my boyfriend pick d call?

Me: +++sigh++++

Benita: are you there?


Benita: talk now!

Me: ++sigh+++ honestly, u stunted me tonight.

Benita: ***cool voice*** how?

me:***forming*** I never thought u could do such. Of course it nice When u act like this, but why can’t you just put it so gentle?

Benita: ++feeling remorse+++ I never meant to act like that. It just that I am so much concern about the atrocity u might have later caused if I refuse to stop you so soon.

Me: ok! I understand u.

Benita: u don’t j-tee. I am afriad.

Me: you don’t need to. I will try to caution myself next time.

Benita: that is not what I mean.

Me: ok, what u mean?

Benita: I can’t double date. I love my guy.

Me: +++sigh+++ ait, I will stay away henceforth.

Benita: nooooo, we can still be a friend.

Me: you don’t mean that?

Benita: of course, I mean it. Sebi just only friend ni?

Me: yes, but you don’t know how to make a friend at al.

Benita: how to make a friend?

Me: don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean?

Benita: of course I don’t get you.

Me: I can’t begin to teach you that, learn it from others. Since I mean notin to you no more. There is no pÓint in taking you through that.

Benita: hoooo, hunnn, pls, teach me. You mean a lot to mean. I like you. Only that I love my guy. And I can’t double date.

Me: ok, where are you?

Ronke: I am inside my hostel. And why asking?

Me: nothing, I thought may be you are out here, cause I am very close to tinubu ladies lodge. And I am afraid if you can show up.

Benita: of course, leme change my clothe.

Me: wait!

Benita: what?

Me: how you clad?

Benita: I clad with my night gown. You know, I have wanted to sleep before your call came in.

Me: there is no need to change, since I am not going to take your time for lng. I am hurrying going to nite class. If you still trying to change, that seems you will take much time.

Benita: oh! but the clothe is too short.

Me: find smal rapper and tie it against your waist then. I pressed red botton.****The phone dropped from connection. Mtn msg entered, I checked my call duration and I have spent up to 14 minutes at the rate of 175 naira****

Me: ****shaking my head**** (murmuring: this MTN no dey pit persons. I hope I yield my profit from this girl one day)

After 10 minutes of waiting, I saw Benita on the road placing a phone on her hear. Within a jiffy call enter my phone. I picked the call and gave her the direction of my sitting position. When she came around, I can’t wait to hold her in my arm. She let in deep sign and press the 2 succulent breasts against my chest, by so doing, my di¢k pointed outwards in my boxer, trying to make angle 90 degree, but being stopped my trouser wall. Yet, I wsn’t ready to let her know how the thing dey go. I asked her to sit down. I try to pick a talk with her. Asked her about her stay in school. I got to know that she is 200 level while I told her that I just got admission here. But she surprised me by saying: she never thought I just got admission because of my composure with her wen we met.

I begin to form when I heard this:

Me: you know what?

Benita: what?

Me; I quickly adapt to any environment I find myself.

Benita: hmmmmm……. Don’t worry, they will still give you OT. Since you wan flex!

Me: flex???? ++++laughing+++++ pls, don’t let them.

Benita:+++++smile+++++++ sey nah mi go give you ni? Then go stil give you nah.

After heard this, I stylish held her hard like a boy seing scary doll. She felt somehow. I quickly enter with my intro and began my million dollar speech; more like a letter:-:

Me: Benita, do you know that I am not sincere if I am tryin to hide the love I have for you. I continued; ‘Ever since I met you, I have nt bin myself. I am only wondering who is that lucky guy that got his hand on you before I came around. Of course I am feeling jealous’.

Benita: ******sigh****** took a deep breath…

Me: +++++sweet talk continue+++++ Benita, do you know that you are giving me the painful of my life?

Benita:***slightly frown*** how do you mean?

Me: ****adjust myself**** I am begin to share the same philosophy as you. And it is a nice thought. but the only painful aspect of this story is that, I realy can’t help to see you in pain in the longrun. I can’t stand it.++saying that; in a bad mood++.

Benita:+++in a very sad, but caring questioning tone+++ painful As how?

Me: ++clear my throat++++ Benita, i begin to wonder how you believe ordinary man in this way. We guys are agent of deceit. I continued; We sometime promise heaven and earth and later do nothing. At least, don’t dishown me because you have a lover. you realy can never tel where he might be by now. Him also might be with a girl by now, probably doing what you would ever thought. That is a man for you. I don’t ask you to mary me, I only want you to take me more than just a friend.

Benita:+++++sighed and still took a deep breath++++

Me: ++++ owo mi ba++++++ I will never hurt your feeling. I will be a good friend. I forever care for you.

All of sudden, she place her palm on my mouth. And said;

Benita:++++still holding my lips down with her finger++++ j-tee I have someone that is taking care of me. I can’t double date.

Me:+++hands fall again, then, enter another intro:++++ being taking care by two able body is not a crime. I don’t say you should stop dating your guy or you should try to date me. All I am saying is that, while alow your guy taking care of you, try to allow me to do such. Try to give me preference treatment you are giving to him. Let me also be part of you. Let me be a good friend to you, leme be one of that guy who would be taking care of your noble beauty. +++ i was surprised and i don’t even know how those wrd are coming out from my mouth+++ I notice her vulnerability with my words, and I begin to say many more;

Then. Something popped up off my brain:

Mind 1: ++++whahala wa ooooo(trouble dey)++++ do you think this girl wont make your effort be in vain with the display????

Mind 2: I don’t think so!!!!**** are you doubting yourself??!!

Mind 1: nope!!!!

Mind 2: good!

***Sebi Benita think she is a little sturbbon abi? is she not a woman? having two ears to listern to word? She go fall for this; ‘my mind pronounced’ ….Today nah today!!!”***

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