The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 13

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Episode 13
*****sweet words continuing****
Me: Benita, a woman lik you deserve more than just a friend. You deserve some1 who know what is take to take care of woman. You need more than lover.

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after 1 minute, I saw shyness on Benita face. She was blushing. I saw sparkle on her face. She could not stand my gace no more and decided to cover her face in the process. Seeing this; I moved closer to her mouth. By the time she removed her palms over the face. I logging my mouth into her.

She could nt protest because action was as fast as she would never thought. May be she has bin attacked my wrds to begin with. She let out a mouaaan: hooommm!!!!. I quickly move my hand over her head and begin to cares the hair. She helped the reaction to build up so fast by placing her palm over my cheek and begin to rub it. After like 3 minutes of kissing, she wanted to break it, but I gave no concern. I find my way into bossom. I squeeze them together. I heard: haaaaa, hmmmmm, follow by the tone; hooo, huuuUuu, yeaaa, pls, it enough.

I stylish deep my finger in between her bossom. as Í flip the tip, She adjusted her leg. My other hand finds it way to the gown beneath. She grab my hand and unlock our mouth from each other and said;

Benita: I can’t do it.

But, her voice, mood, and reaction betrayed her…by the look of a thing. While in actual fact, I wasn’t ready to let go either!!!!

Me; ++++sigh++++ I am not doing anytin tho. I jus feel lik play with you for a while.

Benita: but you are taking it too far.

Me: ok!

Benita: am sorry!

I bend my head in angle 175 degree. My eyes sight her laps, very clean and inviting. Obviously, I wasn’t in mood of pursue anything initially, but the devil in my mind would let me;

Mind1: wooooow, so fresh. You are not a failure since have known you. But if u refuse to eat out of this, u will forever remain failure henceforth.

Mind2: I can have it all next time I come around nah.

+++++She interrupted me++++:

Benita: shal we go now?

++++++trying hard to put my sense back+++

Me: When next shall we see like this?

Benita: I don’t know oooo

++++continiueing with my contemplation++++++

Mind1: you see, what make u tink next time would ever come around? What if she later change towards you.

Mind2: she can’t change like that nah, sebi we just start being friend, and I have kissed her tonight tho.

+++She interrupted my thinking again+++

Benita: I have to go now……

+++++my mind continuing contemplation++++

mind1: it that all? Haven’t you ever seen a girl you straf finish and later change towards you and don’t even care if you once taste her or not.

Mind2: you right tho, but Benita stands out. And if I am to make any move tonight, she may get angry. Leme just alow sleeping dog to lie jareh.

Mind1: mumurity… that Beniat as I am see am so; she be pretender. If you can make a single move more, she go fall for it. I bet!
++++++++++++looking at her++++++++++++++

Benita: +++checking her wrist+++++ you make my night tho. But I don’t like doing this to outsider expect my boyfriend. Let just count what happen tonight as mistake.

As I heard the word “mistake”, my mood changed quickly. so is this way you meant to nail me down. Since we met, all the calls, messages and T-fare to hostel, to school and others to mention but few… i be fool abi?
I begin to imagine how I will eat her punany before we eventually leave the scene. I then decided to bring up unnecesary issue up.

Me; I like your gown.

Benita: hmmmm, thanks.

++++trying to cover her laps+++
This period, I cant tell again if I was being control by ethereal, as I boldly place my hand ontop her laps. I switch the hand beneath the gown and find my way to the surface of her punany. While doing this; she was holding my hand in protest. I ignore her wayward habit and rub the pu$$y mouth cover by the pant. I felt a little wet on the surface. Instead for her to continue to hold my hand, she let out a mouaaan: hooouuuch jerry!!! and open her legs in contrary. All I can hear was: please don’t let us,++++in a week voice++++

“wetin concern me concern don’t let us…..”

As I continue to rim the pu$$y, I place my mouth on her bobby. I sift the pant in one side and begin to finger fu¢k the pu$$y. Rimming it, rubbing the surface, while my mouth is doing justice to bossom. She could not tell again weather she is alive or dead. Her body becomes paralyze of ecstasy of S£x and craving to have it all inside of her.

Remove her pant is like house on fire. Without much ado, I plug in my thing. Faka-fiki- faka-fiki, I was going front and back in a stand ovation(in and out), while she was in sitting position. Breathing heavily. Sweating profusely. After like 3 minutes, I change position. I sat-up and command her to sit ontop … I was marvelled and surprised when i saw no protest, chaiii… womaan!!!!!!. No be she dey put in show just now??? They have no choice to resist the sx too, to begin with…
She no get option than to obey. The power of S£x and gigantic feeling of esctasy have enveloped her. That moment, I begin to hear difference tones escaping from her mouth. Hoooochh, Huuuuu, haaaa, please J-tee, slow-slow.

As I hear the word slow-slow, that is when my power double charge just like a gadget connect to power-bank. She could nt contain my full length inside of her no more. Rather, she brace herself by her hands holding my laps to restrict the entry of it all(my di¢k) inside her punany.

5 minute after, I spill my thing on the grass. Then I remember I didn’t used the condom. Quickly, fear caught me. I said a little pray; “I hope this girl don’t have any disease”.

++++like i got my prayer granted+++
Mind1: she can’t have disease nah
Mind2: how do you know? And what if she pregnant?
Mind1: but I don’t pour it inside sah.
Mind2: you can never tell, as just a little drop can make the difference sometime.
Mind1: I hope it can’t make any difference by now. And why disturbing yourself over little matter. Abegi forget the story joooh.

I clean myself and hand over her a handkerchief I used. But she declined when I gave her. She began to form after the whole show.

Benita: but I told you I don’t wana do all this.

Me: how do you mean?

Benita: how do i mean as how? Do we have to do all this at all?

Me: let just count this as lust.

Benita: lust? I am not for lust. Please stay away from me. As I won’t want this happen btw us again. You S£xed and betrayed my trust!!!! It that good?

She started going and don’t even allow me to make any statement again. Who woud ever thought That the night would mark exacly the last time I talk to Benita. Thereby, I decide to let go; and for my mind
“”””mission accomplished””””

*****less did I know that if the wages for sin is death to God. What will the wages for S£xed and betrayed to human being?????****
Some religion people would say: “the reward for all the wrong done are in heaven, some would say: it would be rewarded, Even here on earth surface

****truthfully, a tree that doesn’t know how to dance is thought by wind**

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