The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 14

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Episode 14
+++++++++fast forward+++++++++++++
I was waiting for shuttle to take to hostel. I then remember I put my phone in silent in other to avoid distraction while straffing Benita. I checked my phone, I got 9 missed called. 2 from monica and 7 from ibidun. Checking my whatsapp msg, I got msg from uduak. I met uduak about a week ago. Since then, she has bin asking me when shall we go on date. Not to straff each other but to to take her to eatery, best fast food and all that. Igbo girls with their guess for money.

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I called ibidun first in other to avoid obstruction of calling while chating with uduak.

Me: helo babe mi

Ibidun:++++forming++ where have you being all this while?

Me: sorry dear, I have night class ni na. Just through.

Ibidun: ++feeling suspicious++ by this time?

Me: yea….. Don’t you trust me? Haba, when that starts?

Ibidun: I trust you, I am only imagine how come will you stil be inside department by now?

Me: not realy our department. It is make up class. So, I have to put my phone in silent to avoid disturbance.

Ibidun: ok ooo… Hope my thing is stil intact?

Me: what is that?

Ibidun: heeeeEen, so you have being straffing girls abi? I knw this would happen!

Me: +++mouth open widely+++ oooooh no, why would I begin to do that soon. I have angel at home. I don’t have time for ugly chicks in here.

Ibidun: you don’t mean that?

Me: I mean it. I cross my mind for you.

Ibidun: ++blushing+++ that is my husband to be.

Me: +++surprised+++ husband?++++

++++Keep mute for a while+++++

Ibidun: are you there?

Me: of course! I just like what you said and made me to short of word.

Ibidun: after you, no one else.

Me: +++ laughing++++ hoooooooo, I am blushing, infact my red colour has finished.

Ibidun: mummy is calling, talk to you later.

Me: ok ooo, bye dear.

I dropped the call and begin to think where this girl is taking me to. I am not ready for woman or wife stuff. I still want to enjoy the head of my life. And while sudden change of behaviour.

+++like I always said: devil in me won’t leme be. Yet it made me forgotten that “when you might have grown and claiming of not old, you sooner have facial ageing skin than later”…++++

Mind1: don’t mind her jooh, just follow the game. Sebi you know what you are doing, don’t you?

Mind2: of course nah. But as thing is going; hope this girl won’t make matter worse?

Mind1: of course she won’t. It even nice as she has being like that. You will be able to make use of her.

Mind2: in which way would I be able to make use of her?

Mind1: “mumurity”…. You will just convert her to you MMS now.

Mind2: what that means?

Mind1: “leaner”…. Mugun money spender jooh.

Mind2: oooooh, that would be interesting ooo. And how will I begin to do this oo?

Mind1: think of the way. You should knw that when you lose one sense another no get keener.

Mind2: oook ooo…..

I joined taxi to black market to get something to eat before going to bed. Cause my provision is almost finish. While inside tha cab. I took style log on watsapp. I saw uduak message;

Uduak; ***whatsapp message**** hi……

I reply her;

Me: hi beauty

In a minute, she came online and we begin chating;

Uduak: where have you being?

Me: sorry omo to shan. I dropped my phone inside hostel and decided to get something to eat at market.

Uduak: why will you do that? What if you get emergency call n’ko?

Me: I didn’t drop it intentionaly, I forgt to take it with me ni ooo.

Uduak: ok ooo… Hope you don’t forget?
Me: what is dat?

Uduak: don’t you know that tomorrow is matriculation day and fresher night as well.

Me: ooooh, almost escape my mind.

Uduak: so, if I don’t message you today. You won’t take me out as you promised me.

Me: of course I will… Even if I remember in dieing minute. Soooo, where should I take you to?

Uduak: I will like to go victorial shopping mall. To just chilling and all that.

Me:+++++surprised+++ what of eko hotel? Or you don’t like that?

Uduak: I don’t like to go hotel joooh.

Me:++++++heeEn, you don’t like hotel abi, only wan chop my money abi+++++ I seee, me too, I dislike goin to hotel. But I don’t like victorial shopping mall.

Uduak: so, where would you like to take me to?

++++ball is in my court+++++ I quickly begin to think of beter place to eat her punany+++.

Mind2: where should I take this girl tooo ooo?

Mind2: take her to tantalizer at VZ garden.

Mind2: haaaaaa, I will spend much money there ooo. And what make you come up with such idea?

++++++++++message entered+++++++++++
Uduak: or shall we go out of school?

Mind2: remember there is VZ garden beside that tantalizer.

Mind1: then what that got to do with this?

Mind 2: you will convince her to let you stay in that garden. Then you have you way. You would meet some guys strafing some chicks too. So, that would be a suicide attempt…

Mind 1: hen hen!!!!

Mind 2: yes now… believe me, she won’t escape it. Na sare was girl now!! Just needs rod to shape her life for a moment ni…

+++++++++Message entered again+++++++++++++oo
Uduak: are you there?

Mind1: hmmmm, sharp guy. I can’t do that during the day at that place nah. People will be there too.

Mind2: tell her you can only have time by 9 in the night then.

Mind2: what if light is there?

Mind2: there is one side that has light problem. And remember woman don’t like to stay where the light is. Especialy some1 like her. She wil surely have skeleton in her cupboard too.

I replied her message:

Me: I doubt if you would gt time to go out to tantalizer tomorow then?
At there hearing of tantalizer; she sent me blushing symbol.

Uduak: which one?

Me: the one at VZ garden……

Uduak: oh, why that place?

Me: I have to enjoy my self till last with beautiful pageAnt nah. So, I don’t want distraction.

Uduak: that is very close to my brother working place. I don’t think that place is ok for us.

Me: don’t worry, we will stay in that garden!

Uduak: in that almost hidden place? You evn want to fasting up the case of being attack so easy.

Me: oooh, less I forgt, I want us go by night. That time, those polices would have resumed to work in the round about, So no one will be there to do any harm. Is dat taking?

Uduak: and why during the night? Ok, which time?

Me: by 9:00pm….

Uduak: 9:00pm? Why can’t you make it 7:00pm?

Me: I don’t think so, am sorry.

Uduak: ok, but I won’t stay lng oo. I will only stay for 30 minutes. I can even take what you get for me to hostel. Cause I can’t get late.

Me:+++++yinmu+++ ok!

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