The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 18

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Episode 18
Without wasting time, I held her head and turn it in the direction of my di¢k. Force her lips to taste my pre-cum. She frown and slow the taste the pre-cum. Then taste again. She got no option again. She then begin to taste it small, small. As a matter of fact, she begins to increase the taste. Putting all the cap in her mouth. Within seconds, she begin to put the whole body inside. Sucking it as if her life depend on it. Looking at the way she is sucking it, a mature guy would easily notice the girl that has been doing it for long…..I knew by the way she is doing it”, this is not her first time of sucking the di¢k. She only tried to put reluctant act in show in order to avoid any unwanted disease against unclean di¢k.

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I stood up, without allowing her removing the d##k from mouth. I then begin jacking my rod in her mouth in a standing ovation ,while she is on the sit. I increase the thrust to let it touch her throat. When I discover she want to suffocate, I would reduce the jack. I held her head with my plams in order to allow deep penetration. After like 3 minutes of jacking, I pour my thing inside her mouth.
In order not to allow dying of spirit. I bend down and find my finger beneath her skirt. I sift the pant in one side and slip my finger inside her kitty-cat. So wet and hot. I was rimming it with one finger at first, I increase it to two finger. Her kitty-cat was still allow deep penetration with two finger. She begin to produce difference tones: hooooo, haaaaa, fu¢k me…. fu¢k me babe, I wana feel you inside of meeeeeeee pls!

At the hearing of feeling you inside of me, I increase the finger into 3. Lo and behold; It’s accommodated it all. I then knew at that particular moment, i know that:


After finger fu¢k for like 5 minutes. With a lot of jargons and Mambo-jumbo words coming out form her mouth. I sat down on the bench. Place my hand in my pocket and brought out mr. ruff-rider for the safety night journey.

Come on top of me;, i commanded her. Without much ado. She came ontop and begin riding me in a cow-girl style. Go up and down as faster as she could, while I support the momentum with my hands at her hip. She use her hands to hold my neck. I was sucking the bossom as well. Changing the left to right at interval. 5 minute gone by, she changed style into spoon style, facing the same direction while I was still on bench, sitting and face her back. The more she is jacking me by going up and down, the more I am moving my body up to level the pressure. I was holding the boobs in front, right from behind. She then said:

Uju: I am weak please….. I can’t do it anymore.

Tho, I discovered her momentum is decreasing. I don’t know why my power continue to double charge. I sah want to do more. I asked her to stop. Because we are on the bench. We realy can’t do many styles as we want, just like missionary style. I den asked her to bend down while I enter from back. I haven’t spent more than 2 minutes there, before I see the touch light at the side of building and heard:

Eyin wo le wa n’ibe un? (Who are there???).

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