The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 2

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Episode 2
***And later it’s becoming this***

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While looking at her face, trying to form posh, giggling, ***woman likes it*** putting on a smile a little bit. Walk my hand from face to boobs. Shocking one nipple, smooching and play with the tip of other one. In the process, I will try to buy time by moving my hand into kitty-cat, rubbing the wall, rimming it, finger fu¢king it. This action could only be perfom within 1 to 2 minute. Place my mouth on boob, smooching the ass and sucking the hell out of it. If I dun mouth wash the kitty-cat, of course my S£xual action is not completed. I will try to move my head in between her legs, use my tongue on the clitoris, rimming it and salivate it with the wetness of my tongue. Spat on my palm and rub it on kitty-cat**woman like doing that to them, and they will be sounding like a cat; meeaahhuuun or like parot; oooooohh, uuuuuh**. Me too no want carry last nah, as I will be producing a sound, quite difference tones like: hooooo, hhuuuuu, haaaaa, yeeeeeeaaa, fucck mee, Yeeee babe, fucccck me, succkkk me. while in doggy style, I would use left hand holding her tummy, and taking the right hand to smack her ass like an horse. While doing this, I will be calculating the time, as she might not allow me to go for second round. Missionary style is a best way to start first. But I will only spend like 3 minutes there, till when she gain organism. After she might have reach organism, I will turn her over in a spoon style. While bang from behind my hand would be caressing her womanliness’ clitoris. I would turn her over without removing my di¢k into girl ontop. **some ladies like the style**. While she is ontop of me in a cow girl style, my hand would be holding her bossom, smooching the bumbum. To brace myself, I may later hold her curvy hip to increase the thrust. When I discover that I am about to ejaculate. I would stop to either suck kitty-cat, smooching nipple or finger fu¢k kitty-cat, all nah to by more times to stay-ontop of the game without being embarrass. Who knows? She might later turn tin around when one cum. As second round dun always guarantee to “sare wa” girl(runs girl). When cum is coming I will groan in pleasure. Some woman like to derive pleasure by peting a man at this moment likewise men, “chyka as a typical example”.

**You have not been doing it? Begin to practice it at home?**.

After, I will Lay-down beside to cuddle her. How I made it up to this level could be traced back to the feeling chyka left in me when I was very young.
***”chisuuuuus”… in fact, I seriously become s*x starving without knowing ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ the urge to have s*x keep building up in my nerve***

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