The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 20

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Episode 20
After the guy departure… Uju was trying to create sense of humor around me;

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Uju: fine boy looking sense.

Me: ++raised eyebrown+++ fine boy for where?

Uju; forget it, beauty is the eyes of beholder.

Me: heeeEn, I seee, but why on earth you can’t stay alone with such beauty then?

Uju: what do you me?

Me: I am talking about the guy that just left..

Uju: don’t let us go into that.. He is just a friend!

Me: oh, a friend?

Uju: yea a friend, and you too. You are my friend as well.

Me: ok, sorry to dig into wat concern me not then.

Uju: of course it is nothing. I just feel like stop you talking about the guy$

Me: no p!

Silence follow the atmosphere for like 10 minutes, until she came towards me and begin to cares my body. I knew from the moment I came to her hostel, I have denied her from over enjoy the guy till fullest. In blessing indisguise, I must finish the work that guy started and unable to finish. Had I known, I would have not done anything that day. Less did I know that; the enjoyment of S£x is limited when there is dissatisfaction.

As she continued to cares my body, mr. di¢kson begin to respond. For my mind already, uju is just a sarewa girl for that matter.

She put my back against the bed. Rob her palm against my body from up region to lower region. Immediately She touch my di¢k, I jack. I find my hand beneath her blouse++++no bra+++. I begin to rim the tip. I was playing with the tip. Tracing my hand to her abdomen. When I reach her lower region stomach, she let out a moan. She continue to give me best stroking over my di¢k tip. I located her mouth, kissing and exchanging the saliva to appreciate the mouth ajar. While kissing, I was removing her blouse and letting the boobs out of it den. I disentangle my mouth from mouth and put her whole right boob in my mouth, using my left hand hold on to left one. This time around, I begin to hear diference tone. Ooooh, haaaa,

In a jiffy, she comot my clothe for body and living me unclad. Mr. di¢kson stand attention. I turn her over, cause, I was beneath throughout this journey so far.

I removed her night gown leaving the boobs unclad. I lay her back on the bed and asked her to spread her leg. She did as commanded. I den place my di¢kson at the entrance of her womanliness. So wet and moisture. I realy don’t know what to do to it again cause it was so iritating due to early secretion of estrogen gland. I then dip my thing inside. Come hear sound wey dey escape from her womanliness; “Pofu pofu, pofu pofu”…… The more I increase the tempo of thrust, the more unbearable tone coming out beneath; pofu pofu, pofu pofu…. I nearly regret having S£x with her. Cause, there is no enjoyment. Only noise which was very awful to hear.

While doing it; my mind was busy making an OATH…..that ” If I finish today own, I will never for any reason enter this hole again in my life”….

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