The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 22

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Episode 22
if toasting and wooing an opposite S£x are individual way of living of women a la men, the whole world would have turned to an hell. come to think of it, I have never for once told Monica that I love her or whatsoever. but, thing just happened so quickly, yet I am on a mission to devour her like a hungry lion.
we sat quietly for like ten minutes after when she continues to chip the hi-malt gave to her at ease.
I moved my hand down to her cleavage. she let out a moan….. and came out for air:

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Monica: ****crying mood**** I don’t think I can ever do this…

me: ****surprised, do weting***** what is happening ?

Monica: **still crying****I missed him

me: him? who is that?

Monica: my fiancé……

me: ****lose erection immediately*** how? what happened?

Monica: he had an accident while traveled to Lagos six months ago and passed away. that is why I came to scout with my sister and mummy.

me: oh! I am sorry about that. he is a lucky guy. How wish I am that lucky to have a wonderful lady like you.

**having said that: I saw a Spackle on her face**”
then I entered with my intro:

me: he is probably missing you right now. even though it is not his wish to leave you so soon , but he would nt want to see you in such a bad mood. don’t you know?

***then, I reach my pock hand and over my handkerchief to wipe her face**

Me: you know what?

Monica: **give attention** what?

Me: the amount of love one gets in life is the same as for everyone. If u are n’t loved by many people, them you will be loved alot by one person. And if you were not loved as a child, you will be loved as an adult. May be, it is time for you to be loved so much as an adult.

Monica: really?

Me: yea

***then, i was wondering if the issue on the ground might have not destabilised my own goal.**

mind 1: what will I do now?

mind 2: don’t tell me you won’t chop this girl today…..
mind 1: of course I must…. but!!!!!

mind 2: but what?

*****† she interrupted my thinking ********

Monica: you are a nice guy……..

me: *”*”*blushing**”* it is because a woman Like you deserve a guy more than me. the way I am looking at it, is like a dream having you around me. do you mind if I………..
as If make I no complete the statement, she place her palm over my mouth and said:

Monica: don’t swear it…. I just don’t want you to S£x me d betray me.

Me: **yinmu*** that is the least I will never to

Monica: ****she kissed my cheek****

as a town boy, I quickly grap her by waist and begin mouth wash her lips. I bend my head inwards to sucking her bossom while still cover by clothe. having continuing with my adventure, she was just looking at the whole issue. as I remove her clothes off her body and leaving her unclad, behold;

****her pu$$¥, if not inherited, it must be predestined….. in fact, a wild goose never laid a tame eggs***”
Her pu$$¥ is so meaty and hairy…. Then I begin to finger fu¢k her, while she is twerking her waist. The more I finger fu¢k her , the more she is increasing the sound coming out of hr mouth… ****Huuuuu, hooooooo, haaaaaaa***
Two minutes of finger fu¢k and sucking the boobs, my small nokia phone begins to vibrate. I ignore and continue with my adventure.
I removed her clothes off her body and leaving her on bed unclad while the tip of her breast pointed into direction of ceiling. While doing this, the missed calls on my phone would have been up to 6 missed calls. She then say:

Monica: call you please pick that call, so we will be able to concentrate.

Me: *****eyes opened widely, hheeeeeee, this girl done missed the cock long time oooooo***** OK!, “in low tone””….

*** I wanted to ignore her at first, but I don’t know who is calling tho, but as a pick the phone, I saw incomoing call: ibidun. My heart froze all of sudden***

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