The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 23

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episode 23
++++ 4 hours ago++++
I was on bed while my android phone was peeping. I pick the phone and open my whasapp msg:

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Msg 1.…….. Ibidun: hi ifemi

Msg 2…,. Ibidun: how thing?

Msg 3…….ibidun: are you there?

Wanted to ignore her message before, but I remember monica will come and see me today and provided ibidun has not known that I am around already…

Me: yea, how tin babe mi?

*****A minute after *****

Ibidun: fine, so you don’t want to answer me before abi?

Me: sorry, I was still sleeping… i just saw your message now.

Ibidun: OK ooo… so how far?

Me: not too far jareh

Ibidun: I mean: are you back?

I don’t want to say, I have not back cause she might later got to know that i am lieing to her…

Me: ha! That I forgot to inform you.…

Ibdum: what is that?

Me: you know that guy I told you that we dey same hostel?

Ibidun: yea

Me: the guy seriously sick ni oooooo
Ibidun; *=*surprised** wt happened to him?

Me: he just developed fever after exam and he has been admitted into hospital since five days ago. I gotta go now to check him out, chat with you later. Bye

Ibidun: wait…

Me: what again?

Monica: but you don’t tell me what I aasked you nah?

Me,: what is that?

Ibidun: I mean, where are you now?

Me: ha ha, is that important now?

Ibidun: ***felt remorse**** noooooooo

Me : gooood, I will call you later to update you about that, bye…

****that was how I ignored her some hours ago, and what will I tell her if i should pick her call now? I wonder****


While still contemplating on weather make I pick the call or not, a message came in from floxy…

***** how I go chat with floxy make he come deliver me from these babes****

I was sweating even though I never penetrate Monica punany. My body become hurt. Then, i pressed red botton and switch my phone to silent. Monica was jus loking at me. Then. She broke silent:

Monica: what is happening???

Me: ***”shocked**** how?

Monica: you are sweating … is any thing wrong?

Me: ***relieved** oh! That! Nooooooo… I am just under the hit of ecstasy of fun.

Monica: ****put a devil smile on**** really? Don’t lie to me.

Me: I am not… trust me!

Monica: OK!

My head was still calculating should in case ibidun might nearby.
I then came up with idea,

Me: can I take a bath to reduce this sweat???

Monica: as you wish!!

Me: OK! Dear … thanks!

Monica: you welcome…

I secretly held my whatasapp phone and excused myself into toilet and switched my phone to chatin: *****whatsapp message***

Floxy::hi my guy, ****offline 3 minutes ago****

i inbox my guy…

Me: hi floxy, how you dey?****after 3 seconds, he came online**””

Floxy: wher you come put you phone before? i don dey alah you na!

Me: oga, whala dey ooo

Floxy: how do you mean?

Me: ibidun just dey call me now and I never inform her say i dey around…

Floxy: why DAT one comes be a problem for you?

Me: Monica dey inside with me now…

Floxy: what? Nah me tell ibidun say you dey around nah… She just left my side now since she dey call your number and you no pick am.

Me: you dey crazy oo. Did I tel you help broadcast say i don dey around

Floxy: wetin make I do now?

Me: help me divert ibidun or make u delay her for just 30 minutes. I go soon finish…

Floxy: OK!

**i clear my chat, pour some water on body and return back to room with monica****

Monica: wetin you dey do since?

Me: sorry babe. I dey take my time to cooldown ni ooo…

Monica: OK! But that calls u no pick before. I know say na woman dey call you. Who she be???

Me: ****which kind question be this?**** oh! Yea… na woman but she is just a friend.

Monica; a friend???

Me; yea

Me: female keh! Nah male ooo. But don’t tel me u dey jealousy…

Monica: I dey oooo…

We both laugh and I put my phone back to silent. 14 minute after, like a bull in a China shop, i battled finish with Monica and slept beside her to cuddle her before put my clothes on.

**** 3 minutes later*****

Monica: I want to b going …

Me: OK!
We both dashed out of the building and I saw ibidun stood before our main entrance door. Immediately I saw her my heart frozen and I knew thàt after having a whale of a 15 minutes great S£x times with Monica, I equally have a mountain to climb with ibidun…….

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