The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 25

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Episode 25… (Final part)
****by 8:30pm****”
*****Bo ba le logunn Odun ta fi akope joba, ko ni ye orun ope wo**** even after years of crown palmwine tapper as a king, he won’t cease gazing at palm tree in nostalgia.
It is being 24 hours ibidun and Monica left my place. I no bother to call her while she also was Watching me by her action. But i became curious about her statement, additionaly, her honey pot still they hungry me. I can’t avoid to lose her now. the girl knew how to make me reach cloud nine in a moment and still making me beg for more. She is just a girl I just cant get over to simply put and I don’t want to abort her journey simply because the destination is very far, finishing is crucial. I then made my way to her place.
Bring out my Phone to connect her own and to inform her that i dey close by. After some minutes, she came over to where I was waiting:

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Ibidun:: ***frown**** so, what is it? Why do you want to see?

Me: eeeeehm, I am sorry about the other time.

Ibidum: that one is nothing now. Let just settle what we own each other….

Me: what is that? And why do you say your sister want see me?
Ibidun: when you see her she will tell you by herself.

Me: you know what? I am scared. If you really want me to see her, then you have to brief me. I don’t know why will she want to see me. Cause we never knew each other before now. Please tel me, I promised to see her today.

Ibidun: ****satisfied**** realy?

Me: yea, hold me by my words.

Ibidun: ok ooooo! But dont tell me you are blind all thhe while now..….?
Me: *** blind?*** stopped abusing me, it is enough.

Ibidun: I am not. Don’t you know I have you ba with me.

Me: what?

Ibidun: yea, I have 14 weeks pregnant…..

Me: whhhhhhhaaaaat?????? For who?

Ibidun: for you of course.

Me: ibidun, when do you start to do such expensive joke with me. Abeg if nah play may nah stop it jareh.

Ibidun: who dey plays??? Can’t you see yourself?

Me:ha! Ibidun, this is impossible. That can’t be mine, Sincerly?

Ibidun: did I have S£x with anyone?

Me: since when?

I turned my back against her and begin go. I thought she would be running after me, but she stood against it. I wanted to go back to her and advise her of abortion, but I quickly remember that: saying such, I was trying to inform her that I was the owner of the pregnant ni yen o.

I returned back to home after taken two bottle of origins to cool myself down at a nearby hotel, with a lot of thought filled my mind. How will I tell mummy about this? Hope this issue won’t put my education in danger? I begin to reason on many ways:

Mind 1: what will you do now?

Mind 2: what do you mean do? You have to deny this till the end.

Mind 1: she said 14 weeks. Isn’t that obvious that you are the real owner of the pregnant.

Mind 2: no way! I believe she is trying to fake it ni. How does she know it is 14 weeks pregnant without any test to show?

Mind 1: you right ooo

Mind 2: but does she not trying to fake this thing ganself. Perhaps, to test your impatient?

Mind 1: But it seems that she put on weight a little bit nah. she was still spiting while talking…. Hey, temi bami.

I lost in though until I accidentally jam my younger brother:

Younger brother: welcome sir….

Me: hem hm mh… sorry, yemi bawo ni?

Yemi: fine sir. Sey you done see the girl wey dey look for you?

Me: ****my temperature high reach 87%***** who? *** trembling*** Where is she?

Yemi: She dey inside dey wait for you…

As I dey find my way go inside the house. I dey take one side of my heart dey pray say, may she no go be ibidun.
Hey, wetin this girl up to now. Hey, as this girl done take in own colonized my home today. Ha, kasala done bust…..
*****************THE END********************

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