The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 7

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Episode 7
Dorchas begin to tell the good aspect of me to her sister even without my consent. I later heard that through her and her sister tho. But that is the story for another day…

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Before that, there is just three days left for me at home to finally go back to school. I have to weep all the mess on the ground nah$

Sitting in hood with my communal, my mind begin to conflate the consternation of having ibidun as a girlfriend. Though, we have had various S£x and dirty thing since that day one. And figure out too many things about her tho.

***Beding my head***,

***shaking my head***,

***folding my hands***,

****twisting my wrists***,

all of sudden, my mind popped up;

Mind1: mr. J-tee, do you think you can cope with this ibidun gan? U dey go to school men.

Mind2: yes ooo… But that babe nah fine girl now. I dun tink I can leave her behind nah!

Mind1: forget it joh, immediately u reach school, you go see fine-fine chicks pass am.

Mind2: ***shaking my head*** you right ooo… But come to think of it. A three days corpse in a tunnel, couldn’t be a stranger in tunnel nah.

Mind1: who told you that? Have you forgt that: unable to go far, you might not make you see far(a’irin jinnan la’i rabuke okere)

Mind2: but sometime, a bird in hand worth thousand in bush nah!

Mind1: that is when u refuse to go wilderness… Plenty birds for that place. “You dey compare your neighborhood girl to unilag chicks… Mumurity” ‘and do you know why is a car’s windshield so large & the rear view mirror so small?

Mind2: I don’t know ooo…

Mind2: “gosh, you see”… so you never knw anytin abi and u dey form tosh,,, it is Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE bah. So, look ahead and move on. Drop the girl and find another chick wen you reach school men.

Mind2: do you think that easy?

Mind1: it is easy men, do you think you know ibidun that much? What make u think nah only you she dey bleep? If you plenty n’ko?

Mind2: I dey suspect her tho.

Mind1: nah so I dey talk jareh. Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.

Mind2: do you know that she even like S£x too much?

Mind1: wetin concern you with that?

Mind2: it will be dificult drop the girl ooo…

Mind1: how?

Mind2: don’t let us forget the sayin: Old friends are gold! New friends are diamond! If you get a diamond, don’t forget the gold! To hold a diamond, you always need a base of gold!

Mind1: forget, All things in life are temporary. If they are going well, enjoy them, they will not last forever. If they are going wrong, don’t worry, they can’t last long either. Ibidun as I see am so. She may later drop you for another person bah.

Mind2: you rit jareh! Even she no be my first date ganself. Those people left for reason unknown. She may wan to go with time self. But before that time reach. I must act first.

Mind1: you got me men. You dey go school jareh.

As I was about to reach conclusion, my friend pounce me from back.

Floxy: ****baba aye**** my guy wetin you dey tink nah. You come dey nod head lik agama lizard.

Me:****wéré ré ooooo***** woooo floxy baba, nah dis girl issue jareh

Floxy: who?

Me: ibidun nah…

Floxy: why?

Me: the girl like S£x jareh. Still wan me fu¢k her before go school joh.

Floxy: hmmm, chairmoooo… Ibidun wan your cock, dorchas sister is tripping for you. Nah only you waka com?

Me: no be that one jareh. Who gt her time self.

Floxy: but I see you looking her way yesterday na when hin and dorchas came out nahh.

Me: leave that one.

Floxy: ok! You know what?

Me: what?

Floxy: becareful for that girl ooo. You know she done get ND and u jus got admission.

Me: yes nah. She like bleeping to much jareh.

My guy laugh and before we can say much my phone begin beeping in my pocket- I look at the screen and I got whatsapp msg from ibidun.

Ibudun: ****whsapp msg:***** why you come make me dey wait like this?

Me: ****looking at my friend face with sad look****

…chaiiiii, i done enter one chance of ibidun!!!!

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